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Enfield savage sniper rifle?

Discussion in 'Enfield Rifles' started by Traumanurse, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Welcome aboard from South Carolina. I have a 1941 Savage manufactured Enfield No.4,MkI* too. I hope you get your answers. There are a lot of qualified people here on the site.
  2. image.jpg image.jpg Updated pics on my savage scopeless T model. Still looking for correct scope, but have managed to find authentic parts to restore this barn find to its former glory! So far $700 invested. Scope mount looks modified on rear mount, but was machined perfectly
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  3. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    Very nice looking rifle Traumanurse. The Enfield is my favorite of the Military Surplus rifles. I would love to come across something like that at a garage sale. I have never seen a gun at a garage sale let alone something that nice.
  4. this is Arizona-once in a while we find em. This rifle the furniture had been sporterized and had been in the guys garage for 20 years when I found it at his sale. took a while to find appropriate parts to restore it. Luckily the barrel hadn't been cut.
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  5. this is Arizona-once in a while we find em. This rifle the furniture had been sporterized and had been in the guys garage for 20 years when I found it at his sale. took a while to find appropriate parts to restore it. Luckily the barrel hadn't been cut.
  6. MosinRuger

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    cool rifles, I don't know much about enfields but appreciate them more and more. My question is why is there a sling swivel right in front of the mag?
  7. Aah. The king swivel/sniper swivel, triangular shaped. Used for different sling configurations for firing rifle
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    The T and TR were not added at H&H till later in the war and then at repair shops in the field were instructed to add the T and it was not always done or uniform. I have seen then sideways and upside down or not at all. The Savage rifles with the 5 grove barrels are very accurate and you don't just bolt on the front pad they are carefully fitted. I might have a spare set of copies but the center screw hole won't line up. I was talking with Peter Laidler some years ago and he mentioned that he had seen a two grove barreled 13c with married bracket and MkI scope that was totally lagitament and that it is possible the 100+ could have been let to service ay one time.

    12c 1942 Savage and one of my best shooters.

  9. The TR was not applied at H&H but rather at the manufacturing factory to designate a rifle suitable for conversion to a "Telescope Rifle". The T was added by H&H after the rifle has been converted by them.

    As you correctly say however, early 4Ts were not so marked. Additionally, some later rifles have the TR mark but, because they were never converted, do not have the T.
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    Never say never to quoting a couple of scribes.. but your expertise is always welcome. But then they defer you. Ja Ja Ja!

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  11. Is that a 7.62 Enforcer? Very nice.
  12. terrylee

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    The photo posted by MJ11 is of the L42A1 British Sniper Rifle. Personally, I prefer shooting an Enforcer, but from a purely collecting point-of-view the L42 is far more desirable!
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    Chris look in the lower right corner.

    terrylee picky picky..:)

  14. Which is odd because L42s are MUCH more common.
  15. Sometimes I'm so stupid.....
  16. Now there was me thinking that my posts were actually informative but from your offensive tone I am obviously not wanted here and so goodbye.
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    L42A1, L39A1, Enforcer & Envoy.JPG L42A1 in Transport Case with C.E.S..JPG According to my information, the numbers manufactured of that family were as follows:
    L42A1 = +/- 1150
    L39A1 = +/- 1250
    Enforcer = 767
    Envoy = 526
    At this point in time there is a "thing" about Sniper rifles which exagerates their value. I expect it will pass. As I said before, and in my opinion, the Enforcer is a better rifle. In comparison with the L42 very much undervalued!
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    Nice terrylee, hard to pull my eyes away...
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    There's nothing wrong with what you posted. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding. You have the right to post your opinions and information the same as everyone else. If they don't like it that's to bad. Don't let the comments of one person get under your skin. Hopefully you will reconsider leaving. And you do have the option of hitting the ignore button on individuals that are giving you problems. Being from England I would think they would welcome your input on these rifles. If you have any further problems notify Jay or one of the other moderators. These kinds of remarks are not tolerated on this forum and should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.
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    The issue has been addressed.