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  1. i just picked up my Enfield today, everything on it's mint even the bore, but the one think i have a problem with is the rear sight apeture, it seems abnormaly big, and this is not with just my gun but every enfield i've seen and handled, what's the deal with them? is there any after market sights that it can be replaced with? preferably one like the Garand sight?
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    They are battle rifles, not target rifles. ;)

    A range buddy here has drilled&tapped his Enfield sight to accept screw-in apertures. It's great for accurate bench-shooting, but would reduce necessary field-of-view in a battlefield situation.
    Williams Gunsights has apertures, if you wanted to do the same.

  3. i don't think i'll tap it right now, i might in the future though but that huge apeture has always annoyed/fasinated me at the same time!.
  4. Hey 8mm, when in dought, check SPORTSMAN GUIDE 1 800 888 30-06. www.sportsmanguide.com .
    Got the right sight for you. # HX2A-60716 #4 Enfield Targer/Match Sight for a mere $59.97
    If you do get one and it works, let me know via Email.
    My battle sights get me a 3" groups @ 100yrds.
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  5. I think i may order one of those, i'm going to be taking out my enfield some time this week to shoot it for the first time, i'm gonna use the stock sights, and then see where i go from there.
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    Hi Guys:

    Mine is #4 Mark 2. Need to know how to set the Rear Sight Apeture to 75yds & 100yds?