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    I was looking on ebay under Enfield rifles and ran across someone listed a Mkiii butt stock with a #4 cheek rest for $305.00. Someone mentioned on this forum wondering what these people were smoking. To top it off there were 6 bidders, what a rip off. One question, I loaned my LE Story to a friend., when were the wooden cheek rest adopted?
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    The 6 bidders are his friends trying to drive the price up. A sucker is born every day.

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    ^ More than likely !!
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    enfield stock

    Holy cow. It's up to $610.00 with 11 bids. I need to make a rush order with Sarco for 10 #4 butt stocks and 10 cheek rest. Just thought I could advertise a #4 hand guards just discovered in France used in The Battle of the Somme during WWI. Wonder how much I could sell that for. Actually my great grandmothers sisters son was killed there. Family from Scotland, Johnston clan
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  5. That stock sold for big bucks because of the markings on it. A rare piece from a trials rifle.
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    Crazy world out there. I wounder if it was the same guy who bought my 1941 #32 MkI scope in July? I didn't see this auction where was the buyer from?
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    No 32 MkI

    There's a museum in our small town in N. Carolina that has a No32 scope in glass case donated in 1983 was labeled as WWII American sniper scope. I got lady in charge to let me look at it. It was made by Long Branch, with original metal container with scope mount. I copied pages out of my Lee Enfield Story and gave it to her. Went back and she had it labeled American sniper scope, made in Canada. Looked through scope and about 1/3 blacked out with cross hair looked like a spider web. I'm try get real friendly with her. I'm going to ask her if they ever have auctions. She asked me it's value and I said not much.
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    Denmark. What was your MOS in the Nam. I was 45B20 small arms repairman. My avatar is of me over there with M-14 sniper rifle.
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