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    Hartford – On Monday, September 14, 2020 Governor Lamont announced a newly implemented fee structure for those not complying with Covid-19 orders including:

    • $100 for not wearing a face mask,
    • $500 for hosting an event that exceeds the size limit (25 indoors, 100 outdoors), and
    • $250 for attending social gatherings above the allotted size.
    This announcement comes right after the Governor's recent extension of his executive powers through February 2021 and his allowing the executive branch to pressure the CIAC to cancel high school football for the fall 2020 season.

    State Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) released the following statement in reaction to yesterday's announcement of the newly implemented fees:


    Enough is enough. The Governor has gone too far with yet another announcement with no information or specifics. Introducing a fee structure shows how little Lamont thinks of Connecticut residents, that we are all just children who need to be micromanaged. He has apparently forgotten grade school American history. We the people hold the power and the government is supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

    If Connecticut continues to do well with an infection rate of under 1% of the population, it is because of our diligent friends and neighbors making good choices on their own. The overwhelming majority of residents and businesses continue to be vigilant maintaining the changes enacted to slow the spread of coronavirus. Since he is quick to take credit for Connecticut being one of the safest places to be in the entire country, why is the Governor not allowing the final stage of reopening to occur, including getting our legislature back to work?

    The only motivation for keeping the entire state under the Governor's thumb is to use that authoritative advantage for political gain.

    I have consistently been the loudest voice in the state senate for returning the legislature back to work so we can resume making the laws for the state of Connecticut. Back on May 1, 2020, I was first to speak up when the Governor exceeded his authority by determining which businesses should be allowed to operate and which ones must remain shuttered, when I wrote a letter to Attorney General Barr asking for assistance. Letter to AG Barr 5-1-20

    I followed that up by filing a lawsuit with several business owners to stop this overreach. You can learn more at www.ctbizfreedom.com. Sadly, our case remains mired in our Connecticut courts even as a remarkably similar case proved victorious in Pennsylvania just yesterday.


    Since then, Governor Lamont has continued to insert himself into court actions, business contracts and lease agreements, and creating a whole host of confusing policies that tend to contradict each other.

    Governor Lamont renewing his emergency powers for an additional five months is unacceptable. Schools are in session, workplaces are opening back up, and the legislature just met at the end of July for special session. That in itself, proves that conducting government business is possible, but it would have to include public input including proper hearings and involvement from the legislative branch.

    Earlier this month, I wrote a letter to Governor Lamont asking for him to end his emergency powers and return the law-making authority of our state to the legislature where it belongs. 09-04-20 Letter to Governor Lamont - End Executive Powers

    Ironically and ridiculously, Democrats claim that current “metrics” prevent the legislature from returning to their regular role in state government, yet we are still expecting to be called into a second special legislative session later in September. The docket is full of divisive social policies and overtly political bills designed for maximum impact on this November’s elections. Note that there is a reason why we do not vote on bills a month before election day.

    As I said in my recent letter, “there is no way to justify calling the legislature into special session while simultaneously arguing that you are extending your emergency powers because it is unsafe for us to meet, particularly when the agenda for the session will not be focused on the looming budget deficit, business closures, landlords forced into bankruptcy, nursing home visits, nor any other true emergencies that our state faces.”

    These new fines are just a slap in the face to Connecticut residents who are effectively slowing the spread of the virus on their own by making good choices.

    I will continue to stand up and speak out against our Governor abusing a global pandemic for political gain, all with the tacit assistance of Hartford Democrats. Connecticut residents deserve better.

    Sent by:
    State Senator Rob Sampson
    300 Capitol Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Phone: 1-800-842-1421
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    The sheeple need to STAND UP AND SAY NO!!!!
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    K75RT: Sir; dictatorship in the making

    The governor’s powers to suspend legislation and regulations comes under the civil preparedness emergency statute, which defines a “major disaster” as “hurricane, tornado, storm, high water, wind-driven water, tidal wave, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, mudslide, snowstorm or drought, or, regardless of cause, any fire, flood, explosion, or man-made disaster in any part of this state.
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  4. This is tyranny and lawsuits are challenging these edicts in state and Federal courts....there are people peacefully protesting but the local media offers NO coverage... From todays local rag a hearst owned propaganda outlet.

    On Tuesday, Gov. Ned Lamont issued a new executive order that allows fining people for not following previous orders aimed at controlling COVID-19 infection.

    Here are some questions and answers on the new fines.

    Why are they necessary?
    Lamont said the fines were in response to mayors and first selectmen who want teeth in the state coronavirus rules that have been, in effect, mostly suggestions on public use of masks and attendance at private events.

    The only legal tool local officials have had is to arrest people on misdemeanors if they disobey guidance such as wearing masks in stores.

    When do they take effect?

    Who will be issuing these fines?
    Local police, health departments and elected officials will be able to issue the fines.

    Will towns get to keep the fine money?
    No. It goes into the state’s General Fund.

    What if I choose not to wear a face mask?
    “Any person who, while in any public place or in any location where and for whom wearing a mask or face covering is required” can be fined $100.

    Who is exempt from wearing a face mask?
    You are not required to use a mask or cloth face covering if it is contrary to your health or safety because of a medical condition.

    However, an Aug. 14 executive order by Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz says those claiming to be exempt must “provide written documentation that the person is qualified for the exemption from a licensed medical provider, the Department of Developmental Services or other state agency that provides or supports services for people with emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities, or a person authorized by any such agency.”

    Masks are also not required for anyone, who while outdoors, maintains a distance of approximately 6 feet from every other person.

    A child in a child care setting and anyone under the age of 2 are also not required to wear masks.

    Who will be fined if an employee in a business is not wearing a mask?
    “A business entity, rather than the employee, is liable for a fine of the same amount for any employee’s failure to wear a required mask or cloth-face covering while at work.”

    What’s the fine for organizing, hosting or sponsoring a gathering size that exceeds 25 people indoors and 100 people outdoors?

    What’s the fine for anyone who attends an outdoor event that exceeds 100 people?
    Any person who attends a gathering that violates the gathering size restrictions for gatherings and venues and sector rules for outdoor events can be fined $250..
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  5. The King of Connecticut.... a true limosine liberal...born a multimillionaire sent to private schools and he lived in Greenwich, CT....from wikipedia
    Lamont was born on January 3, 1954, in Washington, D.C., to Camille Helene (née Buzby) and Edward Miner Lamont. His mother was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to parents from the U.S. mainland, and later worked as a staffer for Senator Estes Kefauver.[5] His father, an economist, worked on the Marshall Plan and then served in the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Nixon administration.[6] He is the great-grandson of former J. P. Morgan & Co. chair Thomas W. Lamont[7][8] and a grand-nephew of former American Civil Liberties Union director Corliss Lamont.[9] He is a distant descendant of colonial diarist Thomas Minor, from whom he gets his middle name.[10][a]

    Lamont's family moved to Laurel Hollow on Long Island when he was seven years old. The eldest of three children, he and his sisters attended East Woods School.[5][12] He later attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and served as president of the student newspaper, The Exonian. After graduating from Phillips Exeter in 1972, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Harvard College in 1976 and a Master of Business Administration from the Yale School of Management in 1980.[12][13]
    Here is a picture of the pompous democRat in the local paper...virtue signal much!
  6. TXplt

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    It is our responsibility to stand up and purposely not comply.

    I scoff at him and others who attempt this. I’ve been scoffing.

    I will fart in his general direction when I get the chance.
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  7. rando

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    More communist tactics. Instead of trying to get back to small percent of normalcy and removing mask wearing and enforcement. Its going backwards. This reasoning has nothing to do with them worrying about the Virus or our health. Its a power issue and more control. They keep adding more and more control and at same time taking our rights away. But the gatherings and groups that are rioting are ok and no fines. They are in groups side x side and most have no masks. They have different set of rules though. This world is one frickin mess with what the politicians have done to it.
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    Hah! Exempt persons need not wear masks if there are health or safety concerns.
    -- Would Nancy Pelosi be exempt? The Cuomos and DeBlasios? (Hey, they all might want to visit)
    I notice that non-wearers have to show proof they are exempt.
    --Will a Democrat voter registration card suffice?
    The business pays the fine for employees not wearing.
    -- As usual, the Libs keep playing "Robin Hood"
    Fines for large gatherings of indoor or outdoor functions.
    -- Does that include riots? (Er, excuse me - I meant "Peaceful Protests"?)

    Is Connecticut going to keep their "escapees" under control? It's getting kinda crowded up here in Maine.

    From "Animal Farm" - The "rules" on the barn wall.
    "All animals are created equal. Some are more equal than others."
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    Still hearing pro & con about effectiveness of masks from the "experts" on Newsmax (I no longer watch any other news source). Does anyone really know, for absolute certainty that they do or do not have any effect at all?? If so, why aren't they getting the word out?
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  10. blaster

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    masks just catch the boogers & snot if you cough or sneeze. other than that, they as effective in stopping a virus as a chain link fence is at stopping mosquitos.
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  11. blaster

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    its like those who rule us keep testing us to see how many Rights we will give up before we say enough!:mad:
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  12. rando

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    Mitch the word is out but we live in a world with bias news or fake news and lied to. Shame many people believe the lies. They will not ever admit they are wrong now. They are way too far and deep into their lying and damage from it.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2020
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    His mother was a hamster
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  14. Ten Man

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    Yes, it is known.

    If Newsmax is the only source you read, then you will not get a straight answer to those questions.

    Go to the public library or a University library, and read the Medical Journal articles on virology from 10 or more years ago. The FACTS are there.

    People that rely on the internet for their sole source of "information," these days, are getting over 90% DISinformation.
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  15. Ten Man

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  16. Jaison

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    Hoff is correct- His mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberry, too.
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  18. Rave

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    The horror,the horror! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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  19. Junction15

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    Actually, as "they" (whomever the "experts" are) have outright said, the intention in wearing masks is not to keep people from sucking in the virus. Rather, it is intended to keep sick people - those who don't know they are sick - from broadcasting large droplets laden with the virus.

    From the way that most wear their "snot filters" I can't believe they help much.
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