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  1. I am toying with the idea of hanging an Eotech holographic sight on my AR15. any of you have a history with that scope ?
    good / bad - is it worth the cost - new seems to average around $400.
    I am looking at model 512.A65 so I can use AA batteries .
  2. Just got one a while back. Personally, I like them. I'm in the process of getting a 3X magnifier also. I did learn, I have an astigmatism. The holograph is very blurred unless I use a magnifier for one. For 2, unless I wear my glasses, which I don't even use at the range. For 3, certain models are meant to be used with the magnifier.

    It says something about having an astigmatism in the manual.

    I went with the 557 privateer. You know, it's got the multiple dots for ranges.

    I was suppose to get it for less then $529, I had the money saved for over a year, but the military was getting them all for sometime, the dealer who quoted me $ 479 couldn't get them from EoTech. Even now, my magnifier and covers won't be in until early June. And even that date could change.

    But for the AR, I recommend the EoTech model 557AR223. This one >
    New EOTech 557 Military Holosight
    I like the fact you can use double A batteries. The Lithium CR123 3 volts do last shelf life wise, but when you use them, they drain fast and aren't cheap. With this one you can use alkaline, lithium or rechargeable double A batteries.

    If you buy it with the magnifier you do save a little. Personally, I'm not about to pay $749 for a 4X when I can get a 3X for about $300 less.

    Here's the 557 with 4X with FTS mount combo.
    New EOTech 557 Military Holosight

    But I say, go into a store that has them and check them out. Some prefer the Aimpoints while others prefer the Trijicon ACOGs. But they're anywhere from about $900- say $1300 give or take a couple hundred.

    If you go to the (and again, I hate to name one forum while on another) but if you go to AR15.com, and look under optics, there is a thread that shows the different optics and their crosshairs,red dots,amber dots or arrows etc.etc.etc. and you can get an idea of what you might like.

    The Aimpoint they get instead of the EoTech is this style.
    SWFA Riflescopes Aimpoint Red Dot Sights Aimpoint CompM3 & CompML3 Red Dot Sights

    Hope I've helped and didn't make it harder now privateer. lol

    But if you want my honest opinion, I say get the EoTech model 557AR223.
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  3. Many thanks GlockMeister