Erectile Dysfuction Cause Solved

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  1. Why does every third American and European male over the age of 30 have some type potency problem? A 30 year study by Russian
    physiologist Leonid Litaev-Smyk now being published in America
    has evaluated Western Culture versus Middle Eastern and certain
    Asian cultures where erectile dysfunction is almost non-existant.

    It is a matter of the over-exposure of the female body. Constant
    exposure to skin both in person and in the media equals constant
    unsatisfied arousal for which the male physiology produces the defensive
    mechanism of erectile dysfuntion.

    What are the number one through five major causes of erectile

    1. scrutinizing internet pornography
    2. watching erotica and porn on video
    3. staring at scantily clad women on the street
    4. reading erotic magazines
    5. going to striptease clubs and nudie bars
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    I think this belongs in the Humor forum.
  4. I have a hard time believing that...:)
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    I believe it. Lust only creates desire for never satisfies. It just keeps building and building until what once brought great pleasure, doesnt do it anymore. That is why you gotta stay away from that trash.
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    dude, i had a big problem with all that stuff. still crops up but i do my best to stay away from it
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    Because they live with women over the age of 30 ?

    BTW, there's plenty of "exposure" in Asia (or so I've heard ;) )
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  8. :09::09::09:

    On the serious side, I think the guy's full of it. I doubt erectile dysfunction is any more prevalent in western culture than it is anywhere else. I've been to the Far East. As you point out, their cities are at least as full of sexual naughtiness as any American city I've ever seen.

    "Over the age of thirty" includes men in their seventies, eighties and nineties, you know...if his numbers are correct, it might be simply because we have a lot more old men than some of those other cultures.
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    That big noise you just heard was my wife smacking me !!!


    And, that's right--people are people everywhere. It's just another guy saying "you'll go blind" !!! Maybe my wife hired him to keep me out of the "gentlemen's" clubs....

    I'll take one for the team and volunteer to ops test his theory and let y'all know in 10 years if it has any merit.
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    It couldn't be all the Nitrates in our food causing It....Eh ???
    (ie. Saltpeter)
  11. I don't know what you do in your spare time, Rich, but no one's been salting my peter...:bigeyes:
  12. I don't know if I believe that or not. (not talking about you troy LOL)
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    That salt peter they gave us in the service didn't have much effect back then but it is working great now. sam.
  14. I think the problem is caused by all the meds we use these days, and it takes another med to fix the problem.
  15. i think it could have to do with the fact that people are living longer than they used to. I think that is why we have so many new diseases that we never knew about. I like how the researcher was Russian and the 30 years happened to be during the Cold War.
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    I thought it was all the Hillary Clinton adds...........
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    It's the stuff in the chemtrails, I tell ya! Where's my tinfoil hat....
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    Oh man, that's a good one!

    Couldn't possibly have anything t'do with the much higher obesity rates now could it? You know, poor cardiovascular health in general means the ol' purple-helmeted love warrior isn't going to be standing at attention so much anymore.

    Honestly, under ideal conditions, a human male should have no problems mating multiple times a day when in good health, or at least several times a week. Sperm cell production is so insanely high for a reason. Evolutionarily speaking, we're designed to mate often. But when you get chunky and never exercise, you have no call to be surprised when things stop working.

    Heh...seeing too much skin and a defense mechanism...that's funny.

    - Coeloptera
  19. The guy sounds like a member of the Taliban. Seeing too much female skin destroys your manhood?!?