Erma/Reck derringer

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Browning, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Browning

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    I'm mostly posting this for the guys that were in G&G chat last night. I placed it next to my Ruger LCP for size comparison.

    This is a little .22 LR derringer a friend gave to me. Acording to the info that the guys in chat gave me it is a brass frame (hence the green tarnish color) derringer made by Erma before WWII. Only stamping on it is RECK 22LR and the serial number.

    If anyone else has any info on the little gun or anyone else has one let me know. I'd like to know anything about it I can find.

    I am in debate of resoring it or not. Mint one suposedly are worth upwards of 850$. But this one is dinged up, tarnished, and the trigger is worn out. But it locks up tight and all the parts are their, accept the grips.
  2. mitchr

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    I'd advise you to consult an expert in firearm antiques. I am no expert of any antique, but seems I've read that some things done in 'restoring' an antique can actually diminish it's value.

  3. dodge310

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    I second that. Take it to someone that knows what they are doing with Antiques. You could actually ruin the value.