Escape From New York

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  1. Call me Snake Plisskin. Due to the plant that I was working at in NY shutting down, I and my family have relocated to a more 2nd Ammendment friendly state. We are now living in Arkansas. I accepted a job with the same company at another plant here in Arkansas. We're loving the change, and expect it to only get better.
  2. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf G&G Evangelist

    Out of the cesspool! Good for you! Probably just in time too.

  3. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Welcome to Arkansas!

    Yeah not really any state restrictions on firearms ownership and little on carry.
  4. Huey Rider

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    Good Luck!! Glad you could get out of there.
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  5. Big Dog

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    Welcome to the South!
  6. runfiverun

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    man,,, yeah, anywhere but there.
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  7. blaster

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    please don't take offence at what I am going to say and it probably doesn't even apply to you. but as a reminder,
    please DO NOT vote for or try to bring the same liberal policies down here that you left NYC because of. the biggest complaint about people who move from liberal hellholes is that they try to make the place they moved to just like the place they left. you being a member of this gun forum, I'm pretty sure you are not like that but I just had to say it anyway.
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    Living, as I do, in the snowbird capital of the world, I support your escape. but must inplore you to resist the urge to bring the brand of crazy that drove you out of your home, to the new promised land. I fight against it every day here in paradise.

  9. mitchr

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    Congrats on the escape, plus the advantage of staying with the same employer. I imagine the change in climate will take some getting used to, but it's doable.
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    Color me envious. If Junior were not in the picture, I'd have moved south ages ago.
  11. Not a chance... my voting in NY was equivalent to pissing in the wind. At least my vote here will count, and it won't be for cockamamie liberal bs. That's part of why we wanted to get out.
  12. Sportsterboy

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  13. Good for you! I have lived in a few different parts of the country and just feel I have to say that the folks in the midwest/south/southeast tend to be very welcoming and open, they wave at you as you drive down the road and say good morning as you pass; they offer trust, until it is abraded...That said in the NE with very few exception the folks look at the ground and are cool/cold; very little interaction...up here we do not trust anyone until they prove otherwise...I miss
    the good parts of this country...I learned a lot about being a NorthEasterner that I did not know...perception is key...enjoy your new wishes to you...
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  14. Jim Bridger

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    We all must ask all migrants to conservative states to burn their old shoes and walk with us. :usa2:
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  15. Sav .250

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    Glad your re-location for you and your family is going well.
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  16. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Congrats on a chance at a life of freedom , certainly left the right s### hole.
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  17. ChaZam

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    I hope this big change works out real well for you and your family...
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  18. Dario A.

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    Hope you're being safe out there!
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  19. BigEd63

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    I'm glad my family escaped from Chicago right after I was born and adopted.
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