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euroarms and armi san marcos

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by deputy125, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. deputy125

    deputy125 G&G Newbie

    looked at a used Euroarms percussion revolver advertised as a .36 caliber navy with a 6.5" barrel. From outward appearances it looks like a remington pattern.

    they also had a used Armi san marco .44 for less and it looked like a colt 1860 pattern with brass frame.

    I constantly hear about piettas and uberti revolvers but have not read much of anything about these makers.

    Found a euroarms home site but no mention of a .36 remington navy there. And unable to locate an armi san marco home page so are they out of business?

    are these two makers a step up or a step down in quality as compared to pietta and uberti?
  2. tfd309

    tfd309 G&G Newbie



    Euroarms are fantastic in my opinion , but I am basing this on thier Rogers and Spencer Target I owne , fabulous weapon , and as good or better than any of my Uberti's ...I would think the Remington your looking at from them is not a Navy but a Whitney or Beals or Spiller . I believe Pietta is the only company curretnly producing that gun in that caliber and in that length now , don't think Ero ever did in a Navy Model ??? Oh Madcratebuilder !!!!

    Armi San Marco Polo is no longer in bussiness , and quality was ok to good , to crappy, to excellent , take your pick !!!

    Later, Boken
  3. rebel727

    rebel727 G&G Enthusiast

    Forget the ASM. Some were ok but most all of the internal parts were soft and wore out fast.
  4. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder G&G Newbie

    Euroarms are for the most part a good revolver. A full frame .36, could be a Whitney if steel frame, a Spiller and Burr if brass, or even a .36 1858.

    The Italians made/make revolvers that do not come close to what the originals are like. Navy Colts in .44, odd barrel lengths, I can't keep track.

    I really can't advise you think about the brass ASM. Like Rebel said, soft metal on the internals, fit and finish was hit or miss. They did make some nice looking revolvers.

    All the Italians have a few bad revolver slip by. I personally have had more bad Ubertis than any other, and Uberti is one of the best, go figure.

    If you like the looks of the brassers, Cabela's has a 51 Navy Colt, brass farme in .44 under $150 new. I bought one to chop up in to a belly gun. They are a cheap way to get in to black powder cap and ball. If you keep the loads light the brass frame well not be a problem.

    Is there a particular revolver you are looking for?
  5. deputy125

    deputy125 G&G Newbie

    looking for something for CAS duelist. all loads will be mild. Just something different.
  6. 29er savoy

    29er savoy G&G Addict

    rogers and spencer
  7. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder G&G Newbie

    I agree on the Rogers and Spencer. I just handled an original yesterday, only $1800. I have an ASP clone, it's a fun shooter, the hammer sits very high on it.
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