Ever cook fish in your dishwasher?

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  1. I have--and its great. The fish comes out nicely steamed, with melted butter, lemon, garlic, etc. . I think that you guys should try this, sounds crazy but it works.
  2. Ya right! LOL

    And I guess you want me to believe that holding a hot dog over my cigarette lighter will be done before i get frustrated......mmmmm.

    I can just picture that dang fish being plumetted all around inside that dishwasher......with yesterday's dirty dishes to boot. I hope you at least killed the sucker before you threw him in.

    Well, I was working on my third slice of pizza but I think I just lost my appetite, lol.

    BTW, wouldn't the melted butter, lemon, etc. just keep rinsing off?

    And, let me guess, you cleaned the fish at a local car wash before going home?
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  3. jarcp

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    Dale, Me thinks it was wrapped in tin foil first...
  4. Big Dog

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    C'mon, Dale. Remember back to your batchelor days, when we made our grilled cheese sandwiches using the clothes iron? Sounds pretty efficient, cleaning the previous meals dishes while cooking the new meal. You married guys tend to get spoiled. ;-)
  5. Yeah, I figured he meant in might be in tin foil, etc.

    Novel idea, to say the least.

    It just conjurred up comical thoughts is all, lol.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    No, but I washed a dirty cat in one once! Didn't know it was in there until the howling commenced! Let it out, then let it outside and it never came back! Wonder why? :confused: :D
  7. You wrap the filet in a ziplock bag. You put butter, garlic, lemon, etc. along with it. You then seal it wrap tin foil around it, place it on the top shelf where the glasses go, and let it go through one whole complete wash cycle. After its complete, I guarantee you will have fish that tastes awesome.
  8. It probably tastes better then the fish that are caught in the Houston ship channel.
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    Sounds like something from the old "Home Improvement" show & Tim Taylor.....wait, as I recall, he did do that once and kept openning up dish washers w/ chunks of fish everwhere...very funny! :right:
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  10. The last cycle is drying--Does the steam make the glasses taste like fish.
  11. NRAJOE

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    I want to know if after the fish is done can I see myself in them!?
  12. The dishes dont tasts like fish because its sealed in a ziplock bag,
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    I'm going out on a limb and try this. I hope it's good. Is there any particular fish that works best?
  14. Hey alan c, Those fish from the ship channel and Freeport, ya don't need to add oil. Thats if ya like WD-40.
  15. Jerry--

    I cooked lake perch filets and I have also cooked whitefish. I think any type of a medium size filets will work. Remember, seal the fish in a heavy duty zip lock bag. Add butter, lemon juice, seasonings, etc. Wrap the bag in tin foil. I place the bag on the top shelf because my model has the heat coils on the top. I let the whole thing go for a complete cycle. I do not put soap in to wash dishes. I also use the "drying" cycle. It usually takes a 3/4 hour. Try it out, you have nothing to loose.
  16. jerry

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    Iv'e got the heat coil in the bottom, will probably put it there on the bottom rack. (unless the water jets throw the package around.) I'm going to try white bass filets when I get around to it.
  17. Let me know how it goes.
  18. Full MeTal Jack. I live in Pasadena--just south of Houston. I don't fish anymore. Use to quite a bit with my dad every week end. Either bass or wade fishing for speckled trout at San Luis Pass. That was a long time ago--just don't care for it anymore. I've seen a lot of people fishing out of the ship channel--whoa thats nasty.
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    Dang alan you USED to do all kinds of cool stuff! Whot hoppen? :confused: :)
  20. What's up Joe--it's my day off and trying to decide if I am going to do the yard work or not. I don't know-- when my dad was alive we went fishing a lot actually to the extreme of burn out on my part. I grew up in New Mexico hunted coyotes, bobcat, jack rabbits scaled quail, dove near the cattle tanks. That was a very long time ago. And do you think I passed this on to my 18 year old son--No.