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Ever heard of the Savage model 101 pistol?

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Simple little gun, and I am not sure how old it is. But it looks like a revolver but it's actually a single shot-the barrel and cylinder roll out to the right. It has a wood handle with the Savage indian engraved on both sides of the handles. Can anyone give me any info?
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I think they were made into the 70's. Seems like I remember seeing them in a Western Auto catalog back in the late 60's
Well judging by looks alone I thought it would be somewhere in the late 70's-early 80's. When was it again that Savage went bankrupt?
An interesting gun of mediocre quality. Ruger did one of similar design in about the same period.
Unfortunately, they have all the inherent problems of a revolver without the repeat shots. Still, I would probably get one if I tripped on one for a good price. I tend to favor the oddballs. :)
now that's a weird gun - must be much cheaper & easier to produce that compared to a cylinder.

Big dog, talking about oddballs I recently picked up a 1920s kinda beat up 22 pump with a weird looking Boone scope - apparently they were quite common back in the day :hmmm:
Yep thats the one I scoped out at gunsamerica as well. The mint one was going for $250 :insane:
From what I hear now it was manufactured from 1960-68. And sold new for about $25
Well mine isn't in the best condition by any mean-actually pretty ugly, even missing the push bar ejector.
But hey-at the unbeatable price of "handed down", i figured it would make a good takle box 22 or snake shooter :right:
myarmor said:
i figured it would make a good takle box 22 or snake shooter :right:
I think I'd want more than one shot for a snake gun. A wounded cottonmouth is vicious and aggressive.
True-Just don't miss then :smash: :D
I needed a cheap 22 to use when I go fishing and it seems this one fits the bill nicely. I would rather have a real revolver, but with some bird shot and what I face here in VA, copperheads, blacksnakes, etc.. I think it will do fine.
so how does it work exactly ? you rotate the cylinder, stick a round in, rotate it to the left, cock the hammer and the cylinder stays put ?
The barrel is connected to the cylinder than has only one chamber. The whole thing, Barrel and cylinder, are basicly one piece. Push it to the right to load one, the push it back in place to the left and cock the hammer. Fire . Repeat to load another bullet.
Strange single shot. Why even make it look like a revolver? I guess it was what was going on at the time made in the 60's cowboy TV shows and movies were everywhere.
Then again, I am just 24 so I can't speak from experiance :guitar:
Savage Model 101 Pistol

My father bought one of these Savage 101 pistols in 1960 for $12.95. Of which he gave me before he passed away. (excellant cond.) They are very rare and go for as much as $495.00. This was the only pistol that Savage arms made to compete with a similar gun by Ruger. I have a printing of the origional newspaper add selling them for $19.95 .Its definately one to keep.
It's been awhile sense I have been here, but it's good to be back non the less. I just logged back and seen this. So it's worth a WHOLE LOT more then I thought....good thing I didn't do anything too it then huh:196: Still I guess collectability is there. Perhaps I should put it up for sale a little later, as I don't have much use other then what I stated earlier for it...snakes and all. Interesting non the less.
Anyone else have any information or links about this little odd ball of a pistol?
Blue Book Values says 200.00 in 100% Condition and down to 80.00 in 90% condition...
Mfg. 1960-1968
(excellant cond.) They are very rare and go for as much as $495.00.

Blue Book Values says 200.00 in 100% Condition and down to 80.00 in 90% condition...
Mfg. 1960-1968
The $200 is more like it, for some reason auction sites bring out the real nutbars and only the other nutbars with more money than brains will pay the prices on them. Shop at small gunshops and just put the word out on what your looking for and something will turn up, it always does and it only costs you what they're really worth.
Savage 101


There is one on right now at $150.

Check it out if you like............................

i just got a model 101 and its in great shape never heard of this before but in good shape i just wonder is there a website u can go to and type in the serial num and find out about the guns historey where it was sold stuff like that ?
No, there won't be.

The 101's were newer guns made when they really got off track on keeping records.

To new for J. Callahan to letter it as well.
The following was provided by WikiAnswers.

The Savage 101 was an interesting gun made from 1960-1968. It is made to resemble a single-action revolver but is actually a single-shot; the barrel and cylinder swing out to load the shell and there is no cylinder rotation on firing (there's only one chamber). Not a terribly popular collectable, but does have a place in a comprehensive Savage collection OR makes a good addition to any collection of oddball handguns. We see these offered for sale fairly often at $150-$195 but they sit and sit and sit... Actual buying prices seem to be in the $100-$125 range. I would certainly pay no more for one.
Looking at one at an auction. If it goes cheap I will pick it up.
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