Every crime solved...crime rate at 0...city focase on last outlaws.

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    Since the city workers had nothing else to do but go after children building a "club house" I can only assume that all crime has stoped and that we can now focase on such petty things as this..

    Stop Work Order Issued On Boys' Wayne County Clubhouse
    Zoning Officials Say Violations Could Bring Fine
    Posted: 6:39 p.m. EST July 29, 2002

    CENTERVILLE, Ind.-- A Wayne County family is in trouble with zoning authorities who placed "stop work" orders on a clubhouse being built by children.
    The grandmother of the three young brothers also received a certified letter that said a building permit was needed and an improper setback corrected.

    If the alleged violations were not corrected within 30 days, the letter said, a large fine was possible, RTV6 reported.

    "I think it's crazy," said Penny May, the boys' grandmother. "It's three little kids playing."

    The clubhouse is in a rural area on the edge of May's property. Neighbors have not complained.

    The county's director of development was not available Monday to talk to RTV6.

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  2. Must not be much else to do in Centerville, Indiana.

  3. wes

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    Maybe it's a terrorist training camp.
  4. Them tar is fightin words

    Ya gotta be kidding me......

    Hey Taterville, er Centerville! Every small community likes to be "Put on the map". Usually it is done through some huge humanitarian effort, or a favorite son or daughter doing something great.

    You are doing it by trying to surpass The PRK as the Mowron capital of the US.
  5. jerry

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    this wouldn't be about greed and getting a few extra permit dollars at any cost.
    Naw, we don't live in a world like that!
  6. Yep another survivalist group building their headquarters in a tree.