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    That would take my dial up, 8 months to download.

    I think I have this one on DVD.

  3. Just seeing them stopping traffic in the streets of New York to pray towards wherever it is says and is enough for me.

    If that were done by any Christians or Jews people they'd have the book thrown at them and be arrested.

    I'm not prejudice or racist, but I do think if Christians and Jewish or any other religions have to abide by the laws they should too.

    And the only way a Christian or Jews or any ther religion could stop traffic like that is with a permit if even then.
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    Well all i can say is that this religion is Bass Ackwards…

    To prove your religion in hate and killings is no religion as to force others in your belief and there after so called lives…..Suicides…Martyr's…..Kids that are brainwashed…..As the islamic religion itself may be peaceful in some ways others that follow this religion have twisted this religion and twisted it so bad it is hard for us christian westerners to accept anything and anyone that follows this belief.
    If this religion wants the respect it may deserve over here in America they must also respect our own beliefs…..in doing just this, our beliefs would be against as i see it the muslim religion…..

    Simply in Islam beliefs there is no peace,no treaties with other religions only there's..forcing their religion in America to a sleepers state that explodes as they see fit..

    Very Scary

    Until they realize our faith which they will not, there will be no peace in the western world…..