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Discussion in 'Survival Discussions' started by Dragunov, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Dragunov

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    This is a great website if you're interested in either survival, or living in the early 1800's.


  2. chesterwin

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    Great post! Thanks!!! I'll come back and review more later. Some are new ideas and a lot is refresher.

  3. Very cool link! :D thanks for posting.
  4. PAPA G

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    the guy sure covers alot of subjects, i'll have to read it when i have more time..
  5. Huey Rider

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    Thanx, looks very informative, lots of good reference material. put it in my favorites.
  6. Dragunov

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    I was wondering if this should be made a "sticky" due to the useful content in "Survival discussions".

    Wadd'ya think?
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    good post drag, skimmed it and added it to my favs.