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Excessive Headspace - Sarco .308 M1 Garand kit

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Has this happened to anyone else. I purchased a .308 Garand kit form Sarco. The barrel is a new Springfield cut and rethreaded for the shorter .308 round. My local gunsmith installed the barrel on a CMP receiver. He found excessive headspace of .015" beyond the No-Go gauage. Danm! The gunsmith put that in writting on his letterhead. The op rod is marked 7.62 nato.
Will get in contact with Sarco the first of week. I'm looking for any verbal ammo.
Thanks, Ken
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Nobody wants to touch this one huh ???
I would bi tch up a storm until they either refund your money or replace the whole thing with something thats not comprimised like that.
There were some very negative coments on the CSP M1 board a few days ago -- I think (if memory serves me) about one out of 5 or 6 had something good to say - the rest negative, about Sarco .308 bbls.
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