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Exotic (super-fast) ammo for CZ-52

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I've been working up a load for the CZ-52 using 46g .224 bullets in a 22/30 sabot. Velocity estimates are around 2000fps. The question I have; would folks be interested if I offered these things for sale? I'm including a picture of the round compared to a 9mm luger.


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Battle Rifle is correct, you MUST have an 06 FFL to manufature and sell ammunition. On the same topic, we have created a new round called the .22 Reed Express. It is a 7.62x25 necked down to .22. The test barrels are on the way, and we will begin load development. You'll basically get the same idea of the 22/30 sabots, just with higher velocitys and much better accuracy. The conversion will be a drop in barrell and nothing else. I'll let everyone know when we are ready to start shipping them out.
We have looked at and will expand to other calibers in the future such as 7mm and .234 (6mm). But in both of those cases we run into the problem that there are no suitable bullets handy for the application. I'm trying to stick to FP or RNSP with out a tapered point. But don't worry, the 6&7MM's will be out shortly after we figure out if the 22 will take off.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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