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Exotic (super-fast) ammo for CZ-52

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I've been working up a load for the CZ-52 using 46g .224 bullets in a 22/30 sabot. Velocity estimates are around 2000fps. The question I have; would folks be interested if I offered these things for sale? I'm including a picture of the round compared to a 9mm luger.


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Hasn't Shaun done something similar?

I think to manufacture ammo professionally you may need some sort of FFL, but I'm not sure.
I think both you guys need an extra helping of good humor.
I'd like to see ballistics, but that sounds pretty cool. I could see it competing with the $800 FN-57's 5.7mm round.

Perhaps it could be made to work in 9mm pistols as well. That could really reach a lot of people.
Originally posted by radekaster
Thanks for pointing that out. And here I was, dumbly, about to commit a felony. Well, I'll just have to GIVE the stuff away.
Anyone know the legalities of producing ammo not for financial profit, but in exchange for large quantities of cookies? ;)
I don't know how they could claim that loading ammo in exchange for cookies constitutes a business... unless they were jealous and wanted some.
The FN 57 pistol is available to civilians for under $800, and non AP ammo is available to civilians. Seems like I'm the only one that sees this as having potential as a varmint round. I could picture popping groundhogs with such a pistol and a laser site.

I personally would want the CZ-52 in the original round, able to use saboted rounds interchangeably with the standard ones. Then I guess I should make good on that and buy one, huh?
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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