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Exotic (super-fast) ammo for CZ-52

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I've been working up a load for the CZ-52 using 46g .224 bullets in a 22/30 sabot. Velocity estimates are around 2000fps. The question I have; would folks be interested if I offered these things for sale? I'm including a picture of the round compared to a 9mm luger.


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I don't know how they could claim that loading ammo in exchange for cookies constitutes a business... unless they were jealous and wanted some.
Originally posted by BattleRifleG3
... unless they were jealous and wanted some.
Ah, but isn't that the root source of most "legislative" action? Envy? :-(

It's been a while since I've lurked over here..

The round you describe is also known as the .224 TIMMS, and I have been experimenting with it.

In the graphic (attempting to post) is one of my setups illustrating an early prototype load.

A 55 gr. .224 bullet is the heaviest yo can use in a CZ-52 and have it fit into the magazine.

My last load (appreciably hotter than the proto shown) was feeding from the magazine and cycling the action reliably.

After about 2200FPS the sabots seperate from the bullet at or near the muzzle and pass through the screens together, making an accurate reading impossible.

I estimate the velocity of these rounds to be in excess of 2400FPS, but will have to superglue some sabots on to the bullets an run those over the chrono again to be sure.

Accuracy has been disapointing, and I partially attribute this to the rate of twist in the rifling probably being too fast for these lighter bullets and "overstabilizing". I also considered such a neck-down modification, and assume that the rifling rate-of-twist has been adjusted appropriately in those barrels you are making.

It seems to me that the Russians were fooling with a similar 5.56MM "Wildcat" some time in the '70s(?)

Just watch your chamber pressures; the floor of the CZ-52s chamber is pretty thin and the cam block retaining pin goes right through it. Pressures on the sabot loads are kept down somewhat by the very low friction between the sabot and the bore. With copper to steel running down the tube in a reduced - caliber barrel, your friction coefficient will be much higher, as will chamber pressures in all probablility.

If I were to wildcat the 7.62X25MM, I think I would take it down to 7MM. Unfortunately I do not have the wherewithall to whittle out the prerequisite barrel and loading dies.


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Howdy Uncle Jaque...:D
well I think you are going in the right direction
FN has dumped a big chunk of change in to developing their new round and the guns for it,
as I understand it, the new FN round is for LEO use only.
One of the attributes that is "talked around" about this cartrige is the penatration capabilitys through kevelar vests...................
the idea is that the bad guys would or could wear body armor and there for the leo's need a Pistol round that would defeat a class III vest.
It sounds like just more marketing.

The technical attributes of new firearms are seldom anything "new"
so to sell something "found anew" the gun companys spend big bucks
ya ever notice that what we are talking about has simularitys to the 25- 20
from about a hundred years ago...................
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The FN 57 pistol is available to civilians for under $800, and non AP ammo is available to civilians. Seems like I'm the only one that sees this as having potential as a varmint round. I could picture popping groundhogs with such a pistol and a laser site.

I personally would want the CZ-52 in the original round, able to use saboted rounds interchangeably with the standard ones. Then I guess I should make good on that and buy one, huh?
We have looked at and will expand to other calibers in the future such as 7mm and .234 (6mm). But in both of those cases we run into the problem that there are no suitable bullets handy for the application. I'm trying to stick to FP or RNSP with out a tapered point. But don't worry, the 6&7MM's will be out shortly after we figure out if the 22 will take off.
Hey dude, did you get my e-mail on the question about your ammo? :confused:
isnt there a spire point bullet avalible?
with a spire point you will have velocity retention and be able to really stretch the range out to unbelieveable ranges for a pistol.
of course it's all just for fun...................
LD did I say something wrong?
Very Interested In Cz Ammo!

Anyone out there interested in selling custom ammo for CZ52 would be happy to know I have a whole bunch of guys who would eat it up! I myself am interested in the sabots, I have already been shooting the 90gr. xpt's and I love them! Pushing them through my custom ported/extended stainless barrel really draws a crowd! I get a bigger report and flash than any other hand gun I have seen at the range. :uzi: :uzi: As I said, I would like to buy some of this ammo. let me know how much and how to contact who ever sells it and I will buy some!

Dennis said:
LD did I say something wrong?
not that I'm aware of..just thought I'd wake up the topic :)
been working on these for a while with my business and have yet to find something I am satisfied to offer.
I've been experimenting too. Unfortunately, I too haven't been satisfied with any loads I've built. Even with liberal amounts of Bullseye under 55gr bullets, the highest observed velocity was about 2000fps and I get inconsistent sabot/bullet seperation. [Testing sabotted loads in a TC contender chambered for .30-30 leads me to believe that velocity needs to be > 3000fps for consistent seperation]. Accuracy isn't wonderful either; about 6" groups @ 15 yds. And for a further bummer, I'm no an FFL holder so couldn't sell my stuff even if I wanted to. But I'll be happy to give away recipes to anyone who's interested.
most of the sabot rounds weren;t meant for extreme accuracy
if you have any of that ammo i would be very willing to buy some from you
I don't know how they could claim that loading ammo in exchange for cookies constitutes a business... unless they were jealous and wanted some.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, chunky chocolate chip.

most of the sabot rounds weren;t meant for extreme accuracy
I know years ago I tried them 30.06 Accelerator sabot rounds, and accuracy really sucked.

But I would be interested in the CZ project if they were acceptably accurate.
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