Experimental Carbines

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. BattleRifleG3

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    How does this sound?
    Recoil operated carbines that fire:
    357 Rem Mag from AK, Mini-30, M1 carbine, or Desert Eagle mags
    45 ACP from 1911, Uzi, Grease gun, Mac-10, or Para Ordnance mags
    30 Carbine from M1 mags
    7.62x25mm Tokarev from PPSH mags
    44 Rem Mag AK, Mini-30, or Desert Eagle Mags

    If such a carbine were produced, what kind of performance would you expect, what would you use it for, and with those in mind, what would you be willing to pay for one? Would you accept greater weight and price for better control and accuracy? And what kind of configuration would you want (solid wood stock vs modular pistol grip, forend, and buttstock), and how important is that? And would it be a significant advantage or drawback to use existing AR furniture?

    I could see the 44 version used for deer hunting, maybe 357 too, 44, 357, and 45 versions used by law enforcement, and the 30 cal ones used for small game. Any could forseeably be used for plinking and home defense.
  2. Big Dog

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    The .44 would make a nice little brush-buster pig gun, down here in the Florida woods. I'd like to see something similar to the High-Point carbine in .30 Carbine or .357 Magnum. If they kept the price below $300, it would sell.


  3. Doglips

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    I'd love a simi auto carbine in 454 Casual...like the size of the HP Carbine...course if it had Hi cap magazxines...could only imagin what the house would look like if I fired 30+ rounds of 454 at someone... Might be good for Poilice if the perp has body armor on.
  4. BKB

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    I have a marlin 45 , it takes 1911 clips . wish it would take m3 greasegun or thompson or m10 mags . i have 10,11,&15 rd mags as well as the 7's . the 15 sticks down too far, spring gets too tight, but it sure is fun and i really do like the gun
  5. BattleRifleG3

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    I sold my Marlin 45 cause a huge magazine like the single stack 1911 15rd mags doesn't go well without a pistol grip to maneuver with. Then I saw that Choate made folders that I could have pinned and used. Oh well. I didn't like the plastic mag well very much, it was a bit loose. I wish they made a conversion kit for double stack mags, like the Camp 9 has for Hi Power mags.