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    Fayetteville Independant Light Infantry


    We have but one of the only two left in our town Fayetteville, NC. They were enacted during colonial times to meet the needs of the government during times of conflict. They played a role in the revolutionary war as well as the civil war. After WW1(?) they were done away with when they passed legislation to form the Guard and Reserves. All folded except this one and the one in Boston.

    I have tried to get in there for 2 yrs and finally did. They have a nice selection of militay small arms from colonial to ww2. They are more of a Social Club than anything else but do have some historical significance.

    Their site isn't fancy and partially complete but read it to see what they were about. I hope to join but have a feeling that they will be too rich (the dues) for my tatse. I didn't see alot of young people there but maybe I can start a trend.

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    Wouldn't come up for me but I'll try again later. Sounds cool, good luck!

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    Hmmmm, been living in Fayettenam for over 10 years. I reckon I'll check it out. Good Shooting!