F^(#&$ Wolf Ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shaddownone, Sep 4, 2002.

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    OK, I know about the wolf ammo in the mini-14,,,,
    Don't shoot two clips without 10 min cool down time between each thirty rounder. While I was tending to another, nephew picked it up and spent 50 rounds, causing a case to be stuck in the chamber.
    What is the best way to remove this junk the commies sent over to mess up our American rifle?
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    Is the case still stuck in the chamber? You might try dribbling a bit of penetrating oil in, and let it soak awhile. The use a wood dowel down the muzzle into the case, and carefully tap the case out. Clean the chamber with some laquer thinner and a brass chamber brush, as the laquer is built up on the chamber walls. Careful not to get it on the blueing or the stock!
    Then, never shoot Wolf in a good American gun! It's okay for AK's and SKS's, but a no-no for good iron. I know a lot of AR15 shooters swear by it, but I know several who swear at it too.

  3. Calvin

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    The best way is to buy a broken shell extractor. They are pretty cheap and do no damage to your rifle. I think www.tapco.com has them in .223.
  4. Shaddowone,

    are you saying the lacquer coating melted and caused the casing to stick?

    Though I have never had that problem I do know the last batch of Wolf 7.62 X 39 was extremely...emphasis on extremely, dirty.

    If the melted lacquer is the problem you might try and put some lacquer thinner down the pipe. I don't think it will harm the chrome in the barrel....but it might...not sure.
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    Didn't know to use a matal or a wooden dowl,

    The primer face is not busted so I couldn't even get a case extractor in it.

    Will try the laquer thinner then possibly the break free.

  6. I shot some non-Wolf Russian ammo in my M1903 - after about ten rounds, the chamber was so sticky I could hardly open it.
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    Shooting days are here again

    Sorry for not updating,

    Went to the hardware store and bought a brass rod. Few taps it was out. CLeaned it throughly and am shooting again. This time the nephew is only getting one 5 rd clip. I shot the wolf again, this time slowly and no problems. in my after range routine I am starting to clean out the chamber with lacquer thinner until I shoot the remainder of the wolf. :cool: