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  1. my friend montana (went to high school with him) is in iraq right now, luckily hes not in the front lines, hes got a clerk job with munitions er something on a base, anyhow a chat message on facebook pops up (i didnt know they have those) and he starts talking with me, man it was good to hear from him, its been nearly a year

    anyone got any friends or family abroad doing this country proud?
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    Both of my sons have been, one of them twice, one nephew did two tours with the army, and one nephew just got back.

  3. well, now thats great, i bet you feel proud (of course, a father should feel proud of their son no matter what generally, but that just tacs on extra bragging rights im sure)
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    i have a very good freind that is a navy medic serving with the marines since i guess they dont have there own medics.
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    It also keeps a father jumpy, and scared for his family members, especially if he's seen combat, too. Yes I brag on 'em, and I'm proud of their accomplishments, but more than anything, I'm happy they're home right now, in one piece. That is the one item that never goes away, that I could lose one of my children, and it bothers me to no end.
  6. true enough

    i just found out my friends actually in wisconsin (sucks for him, jk) but glad to see hes back, when he comes back to atlanta im taking him shooting, he finally bough his own guns, an armalite ar-15, mossberg 500, and a beretta 92

    a good start but i still have a few up on him
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    That's what happens when the fever strikes, it becomes a competition to stay ahead with guns, ammo, and techno goodies! You been bit deep, to the bone, by the gun bug!
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    I have several friends over there. My friend Andrew is in the Signal Corps and will not tell me exactly where he is besides the "sandbox". I do know he's seen a bit of action (Two IED's, one firefight) and he's only been over there for a month... :-/ I pray for him and his unit daily.

    My other friend John is a Marine Corps Scout-Sniper and has been there for many months (his second deployment currently). He's been lucky this time around, the first time he was caught by some shrapnel from an RPG hitting a vehicle near him as well as getting some second degree burns to his face from that same blast. All I can say is thank god for BA or he'd not be here today. He's taught me many things about marksmanship and I'm glad to call him my friend. I also pray for him and his scout daily.
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    Lol very true my one friend and i have been competing awhile....unfortunately he just got back in touch with his dad after a rough divorce when he was younger and his dad seems to think he needs more toys! so now he has a couple up on me lol.

    My cousin was in Afghanistan for awhile but is now out of the Army altogether, medically discharged because he found out he has muscular dystrophy.....
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    A friend of mine has two sons serving now. I pray for their safe return. Although I have not met the boys I am as proud of them for their service as if they were my own. May God bless all our Vets.
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    We're proud of all of 'em, Windwalker, they're doing a great job, and keeping the bad guys occupied, so they don't have time to come over here. We could weed 'em out, but at a terrible cost to our loved ones. Better to fight 'em there, than in our own backyards.
  12. ya i know

    grrr, its so hard....glad im not spending my money on video games anymore, couldnt afford both