Factory Ammo Failure

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  1. This is a spin off of another post.
    How many of ya'll have ever had factory ammo fail on ya? In another discussion, the assumption was that factory ammo is always good, reloads fail. I've had both.
    About 30 years ago I bought a box of WW ammo when I opened it 5 bullets were inserted into the case upside down. About the same time I had 5 rounds fail to go off when fired.
    Maybe WW was having a bad year?
    I have full faith in WW ammo now days and carry it to protect my life. BUT bad ammo happens, given billions of loaded round it happens.
  2. I have had bad luck with Remington/UMC. I have a post about it.

  3. SwedeSteve

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    Well, if I remember correctly, the only bad factory I got was Rem 12ga.
  4. deadman03

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    ive only had 3 rounds ever to fail, all where factory loads. 2 where .22s and were probably pretty old, and the 3rd was a .243 (over 10 years old i think), if i can remember, the flash hole was not there, when the brass was made, the punch did not go all the way through to make the flash hole i think.
    as far as reloads, ive never had one fail to go off, but i have only loaded about 700 some rounds.
  5. Rex in OTZ

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    Poor performance of new ammo

    Ive had mostly negative experences with Federal centerfire rifle ammo
    split cases on new brass 308 & 6.5 swede, 30-30win,30.06, I even noticed un-even primer seating with the 30-30's, dismal performance with
    there 45-70Govt 350gr jacketed hollowpoint's, afterwards even hand loaded pyrodex cases with round ball that shot better than that!
    it was $38 a box ammo that produced 2'pattern's at 50yds not groups!
    this was with my Remington Rolling block clone It shoots best with any Remington brands and second is Hornaday's, and my home roll's do pretty well to can take out a pop can at 65yds with the lead round ball loads
  6. TXplt

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    I've gotten a misfire with Hornady TAP .45 ammo before; shot on second hit.

    Worst experience was with MagSafe +P+ load; flattened primers, and on extraction, the ammo sleeve separated from the case head on a couple of them. Looked like dangerous overpressure. Sent ammo back to factory. Not alot of fun to get the casings out, they'd embedded themselves in the cylinder wall. Snubby was +P rated, etc. Eventually retired the gun; it had had no problems with other ammo. Since then, in .38 spl, I avoid +p+ altogether (but wouldn't worry about it in a Ruger).
  7. Big Dog

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    My Colt M1991A1 will NOT chamber factory Speer Lawman .45ACP, or any reloads using Speer brass or bullets. My Nosler-bulleted loads in all other brass work great.
    I recently has a Winchester Expert .22LR blow out the rim in my semi-auto Armscor carbine. Other rounds worked fine, and the CCI I used later worked fine.
    Several years back, I had a box of Winchester 9mm Luger have a primer 'POP!' in the gun and the powder never went - the primer cup was half gone - blown out! Two other rounds in that box (fresh form Wally's!) had the primers set sideways. It was a long time before I bought Winny 9mm again!
    I have always had a lot of trouble with Remington .22LR - I call them "Thunderduds". Bad juju!!
  8. Mooseman684

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    I have only had Some older Remington CoreLokts fail to fire...The primers were Dead....
    Right when a bear was coming after me...Glad I had My .45!
  9. DWFan

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    The only "faulty" factory ammo I've ever had was back when Remington made the .357 Maximum. The 180gr load was very accurate and consistent, but some of the 158gr loads acted like they were over pressure with flattened primers and sticky cases. Not all, mind you, just two or three out of each box. Enough to make me stop using it.
  10. Pumpkinheaver

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    I have had problems with remington 30-30 ammo in the past including a dud round that cost me a nice eating sized buck. Had a few of there shotshell fail on me in the past as well.
  11. Another thing was a problem with Remington bullets and core separation of course this was back in the nineties when I still used their ammo. The local police wont even consider using Remington ammo now.
  12. telkev

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    Had 14 out of a box of remington 243's snap on me about 25 years ago. Left a bad taste for remington bullets from then on. Of course the first one of them to snap was on a nice little buck in bow range. Though my firing pin had broke until I got home and tried some different bullets. Other than that, I had 1 bad 308 federal premium about 15 years ago. It did go off, but it must not have had a full load of powder.
  13. tlarkin

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    I had some of the crappiest ammo I have ever used that was remmington .223, the bolt carrier in my rifle mangled the crap at of that ammo. I had about 5 missfires out of a box with that stuff once because my bolt carrier would bend the casing and the bullet would get pushed down into the casing and not eject right.

    I could have just bought the wrong ammo in the first place though.
  14. Skibum

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    I had some really exciting moments as range officer with a 40 mm round in an M203, when the primer failed to work on the first try. I let it sit, extracted the round and fired it successsfully the second time. It was a blue-tipped practice round, so panic wasn't really necessary, but it definitely added to the ambience of the occasion.
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    Funny, when I read this, I got this vision of a guy sitting in a leather Captains Chair at The Explorers Club with a silk smoking jacket, telling the story over a cigar and snifter of brandy.....:09: