Fair Trade?

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by 9mmXDm, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. 9mmXDm

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    Hi I am thinking of trading my 1936 Tula Hex reciever MN M91/30 with matching bayonet and some other goodies for a S&W 686. Depending on the condtion of the 686 is this a good deal?

    Also my buddy wants the 629 the guy has to offer and wants to trade his SKS for it. Good deal?
  2. texnmidwest

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    Trading a hundred dollar Mosin for a 500 dollar handgun? And you are asking me if it is a good deal?!!!!! If it is the pistol for trade here on G&G, and he is willing to take that trade, YOU are a thief!!! :09:

  3. 9mmXDm

    9mmXDm Suspended

    Well I know what they are worth brand new and basically what they are worth used.

    My only thought is, that they are either HOT and or really beat up. Why else would someone be asking for SKS's and Mosins as possible trade. Unless they are speaking about like a MN sniper. It just seemed fishy to a few coworkers of mine.

    I know it is a good deal for my buddy and I but you never know...
  4. Iron_Colonel

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    Wow you'd definitely be getting the better end of that deal for sure.
  5. gandog56

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    Well if it is a co-worker I assume you can inspect the thing before you trade. But if it is on the up and up, do it!
  6. texnmidwest

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    Very true! That is why pics of the forcing cone, firing pin, etc..are all paramount to a trade. If things sound too good to be true.....

    BTW, I hope you caught that the :09: meant tongue in cheek!
  7. Something about that deal seem fishy, makes me go through many scenarios in my head. Either those wheel guns are totally shot out, or this guy got a recent felony and can not obtain any new weapons, or he inherited them and does not know what they are worth. With the difference in cost you can buy an M39 and another 91/30.
  8. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    True, do the trade, sell the pistol, and get some quality Mosin Nagants!
  9. +1
  10. samuel

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    Make sure you CYA and all,but if things are above board,go for it.The local and state police have a "hot sheet"on guns.
  11. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    not a fair trade by any means, but a good one for you. sounds like it may be hot though, does it still have serial numbers on it? j/k

    How does one protect yourself against buying stolen property if it was stolen?
  12. Tha Dave

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    If it seems too good to be true it probably is. I'd see if the local PD will run the numbers before you make the trade if everything is one good to go, go for it and if it is stolen hopefully the lawful gun owner will get his pistol back.
  13. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    At least a signed receipt with the serial number on it!
  14. texnmidwest

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    Best way to protect one's self in an internet deal is to get the serial number and run it through the feds hot list AND run the trade through an FFL dealer. That way there is a paper trail as to where it came from.

    BUT, the best word of advice...when in doubt, don't do it.
  15. The lawful gun owner will not get his pistol back. It will be convinscated by the police as evidence, then auctioned off for the police departments gain. At least thats how it works here, I work for the county and have seen this way too many times. Stolens items are not returned, just sold to the highest bidder. Just hope that if it's your property that is stolen it's worth paying the insurance deductible to get them to reimburace you for it.
  16. If everything is on the up and up, as long as both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the trade than it is a good trade but other than the bayonet you really didn't say what other goodies you are throwing in as boot so before making a decision I would have to know what else is being thrown in. As far as the rifle and bayonet for the pistol, money wise you are coming out ahead depending on what else you are throwing in on the deal. Though to a point you can do more with the rifle than you can the pistol.
  17. SwedeSteve

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    Is it a FTF or mailing offer ?? If you are getting it off of the internet, the shipping FFL will run a check on it before he mails it usually.
  18. Tha Dave

    Tha Dave G&G Evangelist

    Thats F#cked up, is the owner even notified or is it just done without their knowage?
  19. 9mmXDm

    9mmXDm Suspended

    I personally gave up after I didn't get a response after a few days... However I finally got a response and the other party suggested they weren't interested in the trade. Not what they were looking for.

    However that is what they said they were looking for. Well at least two items they would consider as a trade. W/E, didn't want them anyways seemed to real to believe.
  20. Well, I'm sure that they are brought in for the trail, but I don't know how it goes from there. But then again, maybe they aren't. I know one of the guys that I work with had a chainsaw and weedeater stolen from him a couple years ago and they told him they caught the guy pawning the stuff and that was all that was done. His stuff was not returned and they told him to turn it over to the insurance company, which he didn't because his deductible was $500 and he could replace the items for less then that.

    I know that here latley they have been getting alot of theives at pawn shops or at least thats what I'm hearing on the two way at work.

    Funny story, over the weekend one of the deputies didn't lock his passenger side door on his cruiser and the apartment complex he lives in is filled with crackheads. So, one of them noticed and opened the door, and on the Police Interceptor Crown Vics, the trunk release is in the center of the dash, popped the trunk and stole the AR-15 out of it. I'm sure they will get that one back for themselves in a few days when they try to pawn it.