Fake claims of war heroics a federal offense

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 28, 2008.

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    Too many of 'em running around the neighborhood pretending to be something they're not. They oughta have a special place for those jerks. The real heroes didn't make it home, or don't talk about it. Heck, my sons had a hard time talking to me, about their deployments. Guess they didn't like to talk about fear. But I told them how scared I was, in Nam, and we got a few laughs out of it!

  3. It is only right that those who have earned . .

    . . . military honors should claim those earned honors.
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    If you claim military honors and are not entitled to them, them maybe we can find a place for you on the front line somewhere so you CAN earn them, IMO:hitwithrock:
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    I don't think I would want them around. sam.
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    Front Line

    samuel: Sir; not around """In Front"""

    any of you remember the 'Polish' land mine detector
  8. Anybody remember that Dirt Bag the Anti-War crowd trotted out in front of the cameras. He claimed to have killed over 100 Iraqi civilians.
    Later he was found out to have been kicked out of BootCamp.
    Who the flap was that guy?
    Any links to the news stories of him?
  9. I believe you're refering to Jesse Macbeth, youtube has him all over. His stories were so child-like and unbelievable that I can't believe he was taken seriously. Army records show that he was in basic training for 44 days before being discharged as unfit for military service. He later claimed to have killed over 200 people in Iraq hahahahahahahaaaaaa.
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    Scotty, they do have a place for those jerks.... it's called congress.

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    You know, I was wondering why this country is getting so screwed up, and you put the answer right in front of me. Those who would run it honorably, are too busy defending it, and left the losers in charge! No wonder we can't see any progress.
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    Y'know, with all that Term-limit stuff, when are we going to start seeing New Faces in DC??

    I thought one had to have the neccesary documentation to even GET one of those kind of tags...in Florida we have the Purple Heart tag and it requires that you submit your medal paperwork...seems like common sense to me.
  13. It's the same in Law Enforcement. I've heard guys telling about some deed of bravery they did. Funny I was there and don't remember them being there.
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    I figured the DAV plate would serve me, and it has the emblem right in the middle, so it's easy to recognize. And it is very affordable! My tags are now $6.50 a year, and after I've had ten years at 100%, they are free. Do any other states treat their veterans that well?

    But I have wondered from the subject. I think any idiot who claims to be a hero, should be given the choice of instant enlistment, or instant prison, and not one of those holiday jails. Something along the lines of Pelican Bay would be appropriate, methinks!