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    Have any of you seen an increase in fake rifles in the last few months? I for one have. last night there were three that came to mind. One being a "k98k sniper" was going for $2500. The sniper was an early war reciever in a late war stock and sight hood. the floorplate matched the early war reciever so that was good i guess. The scope was an obious repop, clean and not a ding or scratch on the metal or glass while the gun was beat up.
    The second was a red glue lami, good, matching rifle just dirty. But somebody decided to take a stamp to the reciever and put the SS marks on it and the luftwaffe marks. the edges of the stamping were rough and sharp unlike the waffemants that looked real. The seller wanted $1000
    The last rifle i saw was on some guys back, so i have no idea how much he paid. it was a nice looking yugo mauser, full crest, with a K98 bolt. im guessing the seller told him it was a true nazi k98.
    The last mauser i got a look at was a spanish C96 or red 9. The gun was actually in good condition, 80% blue left on the gun. I asked him what he was asking and he said 1800, i put the gun down before looking at the barrel. It wasnt fake but the price was unreal!
    If any of you out there have fake gun stories this is the place to post them. beware of fakes!!!
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    Ive seen plenty of fakes and the reason behind them is alot of people look at it and go HEY a k98k Mauser... regardless of what it truly is so its all people looking to make a quick buck.


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    Back when the Czech VZ-24 (?) Mausers were common I saw quite a few "sniper" models at the bigger gun shows. Same goes for the Garand models, if you don't know serial number ranges/features you can get easily burned.
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    One of the reasons I go to gun shows is to listen to sellers hawk their 'original' guns previously owned by infamous people that command a four digit price tag; or rifles they have recently fired that have more gunk in the barrels than new york sewers.
    Maybe if we get all our stories together we can print a book on the stories we've heard.
    Yeah, caveat emptor!
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    I got two the coenside. I was looking for a Mosin before I got rosey and had a couple of buddies that had "Tula M44" rifles. Well, my buddy bill who didn't want to sell his gave me the number to the other guy Cody. I text him asking how much he wanted. Well, he said he was wanting a Nagant revovler. So he said he would give me the rifle if I gave him $90 to go get it. Well, I'm no fool. He was just gonna get the revovler and run without giving me the Mosin. I told him I will give him a 100 dollars for the rifle and he could just go buy the revovler. He wouldn't talk to me after that. Well, Bill had bought a mosin from the same gun store on the same day. So, I looked at his to see what I "missed out" on. There were no marks on it. No westing house, winchester, Russian, Yugo, no anything. I have no idea where it came from. It looked in awful good condition to be "An original M44 carried in WW2." (That's what got them to buy the rifles. That was the salesman's pitch.)