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    Like many people , I have lots of questions about the " bans " and the other crazy laws / rules / regs .

    My understanding is to be NOT defined as an assault weapon ( no-no ) , a semi-aito must NOY have more than a given number of " evil features " , such as pistol grip , larg capacity detachable mag , flash hider , bayo lug . Is this correct ?

    OK , let us say you assemble a FAL w/o FS , bayo lug , PG ( thumb-hole stock ) . It has the 20 round detachable mag . Is this rifle legal w/o affing the 6 - 7 USA built parts ?

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    Ok, you gotta worry about two laws here:
    One is the '89 import ban, the other is the '94 crime bill

    The '89 import ban basically creates a changeable law that says what can and can't be imported or assembled from imported parts. After 89, pistol grips, bayonets, flash hiders, nite sites, folding stocks, and I forget what else were banned from import. That's where the MAK-90s and thumbhole stocked FALs came from, as ban compliant rifles. In 2000, Bill [email protected]#$in Clinton signed an exec order banning anything from import which took a double stack mag. That killed the MAK-90s and thumbhole stocked FALs.
    But... the criteria of an imported gun is if it has 11 or more listed imported parts (FALphil has the list on another post). So if you replace enough parts with US made ones and bring down the count, it counts as a US made gun. That's where the SAR-1, Century L1A1s, CETMEs, FA-91 G3 clones, and others come in.

    And being a US gun, they can have 1 out of 5 restricted features (bayo lug, pistol grip, folding stock, flash hider, grenade launcher) So out with the thumbhole stocks, back to the pistol grips. If you still use a thumbhole stock, you should be able to have a different restricted feature, though everyone seems to go for the P-grip.

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    detachable magazine is one of the NO-NOs also.
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    Not exactly... Regarding the '94 AW ban, the detachable magazine determines whether it applies at all. If it has the detachable mag, then it can have only one out of the 5. Otherwise it can have any or all of the above, IF it counts as a domestic gun.
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    the liberals consider a gun to be an assult weapon only if it looks bad. put a pistol grip stock, a flash hider, a barrel shroud, and a glue something on the bottom that looks like a magazine- put all that on your bb gun and, hell, you got an assult rifle. oh and just for good measure, put a hooded front sight on too!
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    If it's not a grip or a magazine it's something else. Only thing that keeps them from our hunting rifles is our target rifles. Only thing that keeps them from our target rifles is our "assault rifles".
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    It's really simple; if you plan on using a BATF compliant muzzle device...you can replace any 7 of the following evil foreign parts with fresh new politically correct US made parts:
    1. Upper receiver
    2. Barrel
    3. Bolt
    4. Charging handle (as an assembly only)
    5. Gas piston
    6. Front hand guards
    7. Muzzle device (must be permanantly installed)
    8. Lower receiver
    9. Hammer
    10. Trigger
    11. Sear
    12. Buttstock
    13. Pistol grip
    Replace any 7 of the above, and your good to go.
    If you plan on removing the muzzle threads and not use a muzzle device, or if your building a G1, you only need to replace 6.