FAL Upgrade?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BSchroeder, May 13, 2002.

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    In my inexperineced youth, I bought a Century C1A1 on Hesse metric reciever a few years back. It shoots fine, the barrel is in good shape, but I have since learned that this is not the most desirable setup to have.

    My $99 Tapco G1 kit came in the mail last week. If I were to have this kit assembled on an Imbel or DAS metric reciever, how much better would this gun be? The barrel is in good shape.

    Second question: Are there any good FAL gunsmiths in SW Indiana who can do this for me?

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    Ben, I have heard that if you have a Hesse that works, it will keep working. I don't know if the G-1 kit will be "better", but it should have better resale value and be more desireable. If you want a top notch rifle why not have Mark Graham at ARS build your rifle for you. Yes, he's in Arizona, but he is GOOD.

  3. I think that as firearms aficianados, many times we get wrapped up in our own underwear about what is best and what is not. The fact is that, regardless of components, if a gun is set up correctly, and the materials can withstand the stresses they are subjected to, and everything functions correctly, the the only thing left is aesthetics.

    If you have a Hesse, and it works, then there is nothing wrong with it. At resale time, you will get what it is worth. If you use a DSA reciever and it works, great. At resale time, you will get what it is worth. All other things equal, the gun with the DSA will sell for more than the gun with the Hesse. Probably about $200- $250 more. Why? Because that is the differential in receiver prices. Remember, we are talking parts guns here, which are not particularly collectible.

    I have built on just about every US made receiver that was ever made. Out of all of them, the Hesse is the one that I reach for for fun. Why? Well for one reason, it is a carbine. But also because I don't worry about it. It's reliable and if something happens to it, I just take it in the shop and fix it, not worrying about what it looks like. Meanwhile, I get my matching StG on the DSA Type I out wonce a week and fondle it, but it rarely gets shot. Hmmmm. What's wrong with this picture?

    I guess what I am saying is, don't be ashamed for owning a Hesse. Take it out and shoot it, early and often.