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    I wanted to mention that in the Ohio area many of us have been getting Flu like symptoms with light fever and diarrhea along with vomiting at a heavy rate. The first concerns I had were why didn't my family get it the few times I did? This was the same with to many of my friends. The only thing we can all say is that we ate at Mc Donald's and one guy at Burger King about 5 hours before getting sick. One guy laughed and went to Mc Donald's last week and got sick the same way again. He said he's done now. I honestly can say something is going on with fast food in our area but what we dont know just yet.
    My reason for mentioning this is maybe it is a new way they are processing the food or worst case is Terrorists doing something to the food seeing that America is crazy with fast food.
    Just wanted to put this out there as there may be more whom this happened to and a warning if this is happening should be talked about. Thanks,,Rick B
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    I got food poisoning at a McDonalds in Portland, Maine before September 11th... Worst food poisoning I ever had. The Chicken McNuggets kicked my ***.

    Dave T

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    When she was younger, my sister worked in a Micky-D's. After that experience, she still won't eat there. :D

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    Thats what you get for going to Micky D's , where do you think Mr.Ed went...hmmmm?
  5. It's not just with fast food though.

    Problems with food processing could occur in any restaurant setting. Anything from improper storage temps....improper food prep, to sick employees working around food...airborne contaminants, condition of the food when received.... and the list goes on and on.

    Years ago, when I was going through high school I worked for a egg ranch. We musta had thousands upon thousands of chickens that provided us with those great little high cholesterol laiden ovaries.

    It was not unusual to find five to ten dead chickens, on my 'bank' alone, when yI made my first egg run in the morning (and if memory serves me correctly there was, in the neighborhood of, fifteen to twenty banks). Of course, you had no idea what caused their deaths but we had a big walk-in cooler we'd toss the deceased cacklers in. About once a week a well known soup company would come by and grab the chickens. Knowing our dead chickens became soup has me, to this day, unable to bring myself to eat that brand of soup.

    Later, prior to my Army stint, I drove a frozen food truck for a local distributor. Often I had to go into Patterson, New Jersey to pick up frozen fish from another very well known frozen fish company. I can remember many times I would walk into the refrigerated plant with the workers on Monday morning (they loaded your truck according to a ticket security gave you upon arrival so being very early is the trick here).

    Anyway, I can remember clearly watching the workers chase the rats away that were feasting on the fish that were still in the same place it was when processing stopped the Friday before.

    With that, I am no longer able to eat their frozen fish, although I hear it's mighty tasty.

    And lastly, while in the Army a very good buddy of mine moon lit at a local fried chicken chain then owned by a military Officer, at least he was a Colonel, that I know. Anyway, he once told me the story of how they went to work one morning and some knuckle head had left chicken out overnight, unrefrigerated, in a stainless steel sink. It had a distinct odor not favorable for good appetite. He mentioned it to his manager/boss who told him to prepare and steam the chicken anyway since the steam would kill anything that might kill us.

    So, there ya go......I hope everyone enjoys their evening meal, lol.
  6. Being a water man, lets not forget the water. Water contaminted with coliform and pathogens can do the same and worse. Was it Milwuakee that had some deaths from contaminated water? You guys on surface water?
    M1 forum, yeah, well a buddy of mine received his 1903A3 cmp C stock Remington two weeks ago. Helped him clean it. He was getting 1" groups from it with LC ammo. He's as "happy as a puppy with two penises". (quote from City Slickers)
  7. Dale thats it-- I'm becoming a VEGETARIAN.