Faux M1 Sniper Rifle

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by roysclockgun, May 7, 2008.

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  2. Nice looking rifle. You have a lot of snipers dont you Roy.

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    Yes, Capt'n, I probably have too many rifles! <8^)) I began gathering a long time ago......actually acquired my first .22 rifle in 1952 at age 10. After I wanted to put a few firearms for sale in my clock shop in Hampstead, Md. I discovered that I had to have an FFL. Getting the license really did stoke the coal into the fire of my passion for rifles, because then, I could buy anywhere through the mails.
    I still engage in trading, because there is always something new to get, shoot and learn about. I have begun to appreciate Vet bringback rifles that have been rechambered. One fun piece that I enjoy handloading and shooting is in the attachment. That is a Type 38 Arisaka in 6.5-257Roberts. Uses the original Arisaka bore and either 257Roberts or 7x57Mauser cases.
    Now that I am retired in Florida, I have more time for range work.
    My primary interest still lies in military long guns.
    In what area do you collect?
  4. I am attempting to collect one of every long rifle of WWII. I have a good collection now. I listed some pics in the Misc Millitary Rifle Forum.
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    beautiful rifle!