Favorite 22LR small game ammo.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by squirrelsniper, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. squirrelsniper

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    I was just sitting around thinking about this and was wondering what everyone's favorite small game ammo is. I know, I know, whatever is the most accurate and kills what I'm shooting at is the best.:D But assuming that accuracy for every 22LR round made was identical in your gun, what ammo would you use for small game hunting?

    My favorites are CCI Mini-Mag hollow-points and Winchester Power-Points for edible small game. For varmint type small game that I'm not going to eat, I like CCI Stingers. I don't like solid bullets because I have had a few squirrels run if I took a body shot. I only like solids for head shots. I also don't like CCI Stingers for edible small game because they damage too much meat unless only head shots are taken. I like the Mini-Mags and Power-Points because they offer good killing power without an extreme amount of damage. If I'm going hunting for small game varmints such as P-dogs, I like Stingers because they simply make a big hole and whatever I shoot drops on the spot.:D
  2. Jesse

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    CCI stingers are my favorite but they don't shoot well through my Ruger MK 2 competition. Only through my 10/22.

  3. Big Dog

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    I've had the best tree-rat hunting with CCI Blazers. They seem to work better in the old guns, and that's what I like to use. Most of my .22 rifles are older than I am, and I'm no kid.
  4. jerry

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    Power points, consistent and hard hitting.
    will try some new CCI's with the Gold Dot when I find them.
  5. AR-tim

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    I like to use Remingtons Cyclones, their high speed hollow-point. I really didn't try many others before I got hooked on these little babies. Cheap and effective.
  6. M.R. Don

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    The best for my Marlin 39-A Lever Action has been Super X 22 lr HP, since about 1957! Grey Fox, Rabbit, Crow, Squirrel, Whistle Pig's, all depart in fine fashion!

    Safe Huntin
    MR. Don
  7. hooker

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    .22 Short Hollow Points. Prefer Remingtons. In a old bolt action Remington Scoremaster.
  8. dogngun

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    I use Federal cheapo's, hollow points for the last 3 years or so. These are available at Walmart for about $8.00 a carton of 550. They are really accurate in my Marlin 881 bolt action, and I have been using them in small pistols as well. They are really reliable and great for squirrels. Use them exclusively for hunting after several bad experiences with Winchester HP ammo.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I've always used CCI blazers. Good company, buy their big rounds too.