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Favorite Mosin

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by holyokster, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. holyokster

    holyokster G&G Newbie

    What is your favorite Mosin-Nagant and why? I have an unissued Polish M-44 I picked up in the late 90's that's a favorite of mine. Then again there's the opposite end of the spectrum, a 1952 Polish M-44 that was a mess that I took alot of time and effort to bring back from the dead. It holds a special place in ny heart.
  2. Hi Holyokster,
    Good question. I sold my unissued Finish M39 (which was an excellent gun) but would never part with my unissued Polish M44 from 1952. Maybe its because I received my Basic Marksmanship Training in the 1980s in Dessau, East Germany on one but I love the look, kick, sound, accuracy and flames of the M44.
    If I want to plink with a gun that is light-weight, has no kick and has no bolt action to mess-with.....its time for my SAR-I to come out of the case. If I want to down a MiG, shatter the neighbors windows, clear my land of brush or cripple an elephant.....its M44 time!

  3. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    My favorite of the three is my old '91 with the original Arshin sights. It's just a tad different from all those other 91/30's at the range. It usually outshoots them, too. ;)
  4. m1891!

    I love my 1917 tula made m91 mosin, it had a great trigger pull(better then my 1945 m44 or 1942 m91/30) I wish the sight's would go lower, but sadly thay dont, so it shoots 4-5 inchs high at 100 yards, I like the meter sight's on my m91/30 and m44 carbine(a little better then the V-notch sights on the m91) I also like it because the finn's used ALOT of m91 mosins(russian and there owen) I think the crest being half scrub'd out is neat;) for what ever reason, my 1942 izzhevesk m91/30 shoot's just as good as my m91, I haven put many groups through my 1945 izzhevesk m44, but I love that flame!! scared the hell out of some of the locals at the range one day! I dont have a finn m91, but if I did IT would probably be my favorite, but for now, it's the m1891.
  5. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    I would have to say my Sako M39 is my favorite. I have a 1912 Westinghouse M91, but I have never fired it in the 12 years that I've had it. My 1914 Remington does really well, considering the arshin-marked rear sight. My Russian and Polish M44's shoot about the same, though the Russian is a tad bit more accurate. My Sako will hit whatever I see with boring regularity. I shot it a few months ago with some API ammo at a gong at 200 yards- talk about a light show!!
    Some MN's are better than others, but all are well worth the money.
  6. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    For shooting pleasure the M 91 is it..To me it has light recoil, nice triger pull and shoots great. For fun I love the M44....couse one would never guess that I like the attention the fireball gets on the range.
  7. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    Well I like My M91 (tikka 1942) thats been the best Mosin I have had, but only by a small increment. Every Mosin I have ever seen
    (even the beatup chinese ones) where good shooters. they are just plain fun to shoot and havearound. My M91 will do amazeing things at incredibley long ranges. I cant believe some of the shots I have made with that rifle, and hell, I was there!
    The M44's are not a long range gun like the longer barreled m91 and 91/30's
    300yds is about max I would try to hit anything that wasnt Large.
    it is east to froget that these are HIGH powered rifles. when you handle then a lot and dont get to shoot as much.
    And to think that they used to shoot People with these things
    No wonder we wone the war
  8. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    My favorite Mosin is definitely my Remington! It holds wonderful groups.. and after that, I have a very grisly reminder of the Winter War.; A Tikka rebarreled 91/30 with a cross carved in the stock. You can clearly see the indents made in the butt plate of whatever they drove the rifle into the ground with. The first 8 inches of the barrel has an interesting surface rust.. the result of being driven into the tundra, probably, and left there for an undetermined amount of time.
    The rifle shoots great! The stock is cracked, but I have fired it with the "gravemarker" stock. I now simply drop it into a zytel sporter stock and then put it back into the gravemarker when I get home. After I clean it, of course. If anyone wants a photo, drop me a line.

    It's one of a few very interesting conversation pieces I have.

  9. wow

    Sounds interesting, if you dont mind please post pictures here on the site. question where and how did you get this piece?
  10. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    91/59 rebarreled and sporterized
  11. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    Finn gravemarker

    I'd love to share photos of this rifle. This one is a detail of the left side of the stock, showing the engraved cross.
    I'd like to say I have a unique piece but we must remind ourselves that the men and women who carried these rifles often paid the ultimate price.

    I came by this from a friend who was moving away. He came by it years ago when the rifles were going for 15 dollars. A group of his friends all pitched in and ordered about ten of them (this was when you could still order rifles from the Sears catalog) and unpacked them to clean them from the cosmoline.. and he felt, at the time, that he was stuck with a "beater". I guess I'm glad he drew the shortest straw in that deal!

    Cheers. The photo is attached.
  12. AR-tim

    AR-tim G&G Newbie

    Don't own one, just want to say that is kind of a neat part of history. I have to say, never seen that before on anyone's personal rilfe. Thats a pretty neat gun you got there.
  13. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    It is things like this that make us remember what war is ...
    PS: I may be a wuss, but I get teary eyed at battlefields where hundreds of brave and honorable men died.
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  14. That my friend is remarkable, you must love that rifle. To think some brave soul died carrying that rifle into battle defending his country, and his comrade(s) marked his grave for later recovery. I guess that does prove the saying "That there are no atheists in a fox holeâ€￾

    No Klaus
    Not a wuss, Just a thoughtful person.
  15. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams G&G Newbie

    No Klaus, not a wuss. If you are a wuss than so am I. I've been to several Civil War Battlefields and although I side with the South, it's sad for BOTH side. We own some land that has a large hill and creek where some troops marched to meet those "****ed Yankees" at Poison Springs... anyways, there's two or three graves on top of the hill. From what we can guess it's Indians or Confederate dead...cannon balls have been dug up round here so it's probably Confederate. I therefore marked them. It's very sad. Can't we all just get along on earth?? :(
  16. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    another photo of my faves

    Thanks guys for all the nice things and thoughts you expressed.
    I would like to donate this rifle to a Finnish Museum, or maybe just the stock (the rifle shoots so good... maybe they could find a beater action! :) ) Ideas?

    Ok, here are my other favorites. Please disregard that Stevens 416 Trainer that sneaked into the photo. And the floral wallpaper.. the wife applied her feminine touch to my armory! ARRGGH!

    Below that is my 1917 Remington 91, and beneath that is my M38 Mosin. These are really great shooters!

  17. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams G&G Newbie

    Me personally would donate the whole rifle to the Finn's. It just wouldnt have the same meaning with different "organs." I dont know about this but I have read somewhere where the countries can track down the name of the soldier it was issued to by the serial #. If that could be done, I think the greatest thing that could be done is send it to his family/children/grandchildren. It's probably impossible to do but I'd just have to try.
  18. I don't think you would have to donate, most museums will accept an item from you on loan.
    Although Bryan Williams idea would be a gracious one.
  19. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    I agree with Mr. Williams' idea of attempting to locate the family. I think I'll start by searching the web. Too bad I don't know anyone who speaks Finnish!

    Maybe a letter to the Finnish Consulate could achieve something.
  20. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    picture of reworked 91/59

    This is a 91/59 I picked up for$50 about 4 years ago and its a sweet shooter with either 168gr Sierra's or the Partion or the ballistic tipped rounds