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Well I like My M91 (tikka 1942) thats been the best Mosin I have had, but only by a small increment. Every Mosin I have ever seen
(even the beatup chinese ones) where good shooters. they are just plain fun to shoot and havearound. My M91 will do amazeing things at incredibley long ranges. I cant believe some of the shots I have made with that rifle, and hell, I was there!
The M44's are not a long range gun like the longer barreled m91 and 91/30's
300yds is about max I would try to hit anything that wasnt Large.
it is east to froget that these are HIGH powered rifles. when you handle then a lot and dont get to shoot as much.
And to think that they used to shoot People with these things
No wonder we wone the war
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