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    now im going to stir the hornets nest, what is your favorite nfl team and what team do you hate the most, this should get the fur flying, for me Im in new Mexico, ha, we dont have professional sports of any kind except cow tipping and skoal spitting, the team I like the most ,Raiders, only because they are nasty sob's, the team i hate the most, boy am i going to get flack, Dallas cowtoys
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    Well, I must say that I gave it up in the good'ol days. Terry Bradshaw was with the Steelers, The Snake, Kenny Stabler, was with the Raiders, Burt Jones was with the Colts, Fran Tarkenton was with the Vikings, Roger Staubach was with the Cowboys. And tyhe Steelers were the team: Lynn Swann, Mean Joe Green, Lambert...ah, those were the days. Now, I only watch College football. I gave up on baseball when they struck. How can someone that has a 48 million dollar contract say, "I'm not playing anymore unless I get paid more." Give me a break!

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    Even though they've been down for a few years, I'm sticking with the Chiefs, the archrivals of the Raiders.
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    I have to agree erik, look at pro basketball, most of those guys belong in a prison, alan iverson mvp for 2001 , hes a convict, wife beater egotitical buthole, and about as smart as my aloe vera plant.ah the good old days

  6. Broncos rule! And, so far, no off field controversy.

    Can't stand the Cowgirls. Now, that's a team that needs to be in jail...fer sure, lol. Especially Irving.
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    Overpaid, whining, egotistical, spoiled greedy adults

    Got to thinking about 7mmmag's comment about the problem of pro basketball players who end up commiting crimes.

    That problem is definitely true for pro-football, too. Can anyone name just one pro-football team that hasn't had an active player convicted of a felony crime during the past 10 years. I'm guessing every team has had that happen to one or more of their players.


    Switching back to baseball...should another strike occur, the remaining fans would jump ship immediately and several teams would fold.

    Fans have had it with overpaid, whining, egotistical, spoiled greedy adults who don't appreciate who's expected to pay their exorbitant salaries.

    Oxford :fuss: :nod:
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    Detroit Red Wings YEA!.... uh... oh... wait... football... Detroit Lions.... YUK! NOOO Make me sick.
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    You're definitely right about pro sports being a business.


    You're definitely right about pro sports being a business. That's why the owners should take a good hard look at their business plans and marketing strategies.

    Here's where I'm coming from:

    Product: Entertainment (Unless they're losing consistantly)

    Price: Excessively too high

    Place: Mostly ultra-modern facilities designed to accommodate suites for the rich. The poor slobs struggle to get general admission tickets.

    Promotion: Nearly every newspaper caries (free) news articles covering play of major league teams.

    Then you have a few super rich baseball franchise owners who can outbid any small market club owners and this keeps the league totally unbalanced as far as player strength is concerned.

    Add to this the possibility of a player strike...that's an invitation for fans to find somewhere else to spend their few extra bucks.

    Oxford:fuss: :nod:
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    I'd rather watch college ball over pro ball any day. I'm a Longhorns fan till the bitter end. Pro sports, COWBOYS, SPURS, and St. Louis Card's. My Grandfather played a season with them before going to war in '44.
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    Cowboys. I was born there so thats who I cheer for. Used to anyways. After Jimmy Johnson(lousiest SOB ever to suck air), it all went down the tubes. Yeah they won but what price glory? I would much rather watch Notre Dame play than the Cowboys.
  12. Lenny where abouts in Texas?
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    Da one, Da only, Da Bears!
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    Grand Prarie to be exact.
  15. Well you came from a great state.
  16. Oxford,

    For the nearly 20 years I have been a Broncos fan I can't remember one player that was ever arrested or convicted of a crime.

    I may be wrong but if there was they sure kept it quiet as hello.

    I'm sure there are other pro football teams, and other sports, as well, that have not had the problems.

    The dang Phoenix Suns here had THREE players in the news last season, and within 6 weeks of it all, for spousal abuse and possession of drugs that, as far as I know, never hit national TV.

    And the bimbos they abused wanted the long term money so they didn't press charges.

    That's one reason I will never be a Suns fan. When the incidents occurred the Suns organization allowed to them play on with little....very little....organizational punishment.

    And, yet, they still won't let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame and players are still using steroids.

    To me it's the money in the management's pockets is all they are concerned with.

    Pro sports aren't what they used to be. Or perhaps, we just didn't hear of the problems 20-30 years ago, like we do now with media feeding frenzies.
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  17. Well we can't say that about the Cowboys can we? My dad was a Bronco and Cowboy fan. And so am I. There are a lot people here who don't like the Cowboys. The new team Texans. We will see. You can't argue with the Cowboy's track record. My favorite times were with Tom Landry and Roger Stauback.---Somebody help me with the spelling. Speaking of cowgirls--the cheer leading squad is pretty good.
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    "A league troubled with a fistful of felons"

    I'm glad that the Bronco's have all those clean cut players (now that Aaron Smith, one of the Chiefs rejects, has left). The Chiefs have been bucking their heads against them for years. Always a tough fought game.

    I did a brief search on NFL felons. Found several links. Here's one of the articles many sports fans are familiar with.


    Watters works Ricky’s résumé is worthy of future Hall of Fame debate By Michael Lev, Senior editor
    As published in print July 10, 2000

    ...The Hall of Fame has its share of questionable characters. Lawrence Taylor and
    O.J. Simpson come to mind. Pick a Raider, any Raider. In the case of Taylor, for
    one, he got in despite numerous off-the-field indiscretions. By comparison,
    Watters’ faults are kid stuff. Heck, in today’s day and age, with murder and
    statutory-rape charges floating about, Watters is a saint. Complaining about
    how many carries you get is barely a misdemeanor in a league troubled by a
    fistful of felons.

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    The CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!

    Baseball players have me all torked off - they need a salary cap and revenue sharing, they shouldn't need revenue sharing but without a salary cap the big money owners will keep the rings coming to thier cities. What gets me is some dumb a s s is willing to pay AROD 25 million a year and for what? Most over paid person in baseball by far.
    Heck - no one has flirted with 400 in a couple of years - I think the last was Todd Helton from the rockies, then G. Brett from the ROYALS hit 396 back in 1980. None of these snot nosed, whinny, steriod using, wife beating, drug using, no account snivling pecker woods will ever be worth the money they get.

    I need a beer.