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  1. hooker

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    The best rifle I have ever owned is the Model 700 Remington heavy barrel in .308 Winchester that I own now. Over the years I have sighted in a lot of other folks guns. They start bringing them to me in September. I have a 125 yard range, and these guys for the most part are either first time buyers, or guys who have traded, or gotten new optics. I'm just a average man who likes to shoot and has read everything I can get hold of about firearms. I am no expert by any means, but do understand a lot about guns that most of the people in my area are not interested in. I have repaired some guns of my on, and others, although I am not a certified ginsmith. Most of the time repairs were made out of necessity to save myself some money. I had a good time over the winter teaching a shotgun safety course to the local Boy Scout Troop in order for them to earn their Shotgun Merit Badge. It was good to see these boys learning to handle and shoot a gun safely. Many of them had never shot a gun before. One of them on the day they qualified dusted 9 skeet in a row, he had never shot a gun before, he was grinning from ear to ear. But I'm sorta getting of the subject. My Remington that I own will put 3 shots into 1/2 inch at 125 yards all day long with every combination of bullet weight I put through it, as long as I do my part right. This rifle is capable of greater accuracy than that. I'm sure of it, if it was fired by a better shot than I am. It is all factory, besides my trigger tuning I done on it, and a jury rigged thing I put on the stock to get my eye in proper position on the scope. I put a Tasco 4x16x50mm. target scope on it. It is the best I've ever had, and among the 2 best I've ever shot. The other was a Ruger M11 in .243 Winchester that my father-in-law had a few years ago. At 175 yards I could put 3 shots in a dime with that rifle. I told him if he ever sold it to sell it to me, but he did'nt. That rifle was a true joy to shoot. I told him he would never have another one that accurate. And this was with factory ammo, not reloads! But he got rid of it without telling me. He trades about every year. So he is one of the people I have to get their gun set up before hunting season. I'm starting to get long in the tooth now, so I'm getting me a few more guns to keep and to pass on to my kids and grandkids. One I'm going to get this year is a lighter weight .308 or .260 to hunt with. The Remington I've got is getting heavier every year it seems. Also going to get a good quality .22 rifle this year. Good shooting fellows.
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    i like the one in my closet Remington 700BDL .308

  3. Hans R Colt

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    For me, it's gotta be my K98k. Paul Mauser really knew how to make a great rifle...the barrel's old, the stock is dinged from being in battle, people turn their noses up when they see me coming at the range, but it is still so accurate, even with old military ammo.

    I have an Enfield that's consistently more accurate, but when I get up in the morning on shooting day, this rifle is the first one that comes to mind.

    If my life had to depend on one weapon, I hope this rifle is in my hands...
  4. Calvin

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    I would have to say my converted Turkish Mauser is mine. It's extremely accurate, will take any game on this continent, and is a pleasure to shoot. I had it rebarreled for the .338/06, and I haven't regretted it. However, if I could only have one rifle, I would have to pick my Romanian SKS. Sounds funny, huh?

  5. Big Dog

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    I've got two absolute favorites:
    1) Ruger M77 Varminter .22-250. It's ungodly accurate, far more so than I am.
    2) Stevens 416 heavy-barreled target rifle. The unsung alternative to the Mossberg M44. Also superbly accurate.
    Both are heavy, but I shoot from the bench so no problem.
  6. Doglips

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    Mine would be the M-16 that I went through Recon and sniper school (we also had the M-40 for sniper school) and Beriut with..until it got blown up on 10/23/83...Stock Number H-15....after all that we went through to me it was like some magical rifle and friend...To become so dependent on it for my survival in combat...and then to lose it was more of a blow than loseing most of my company in some respects...still have my rifle card with the serial #. In my mind it never jamed..blanks or real bulletts.......shot laser stright and was light as a feather... like rembering a departed friend I can rember no flaws with it what so ever...
    This brings back some very found memories..and some not so found ones..Thank you.
  7. Mine is the one I always wanted......not sure which it woulda been...but it's the one I don't have and wish I had...yepper.
  8. I still love (and have) a Model 69A Winchester .22 that I got when I was 14. I had lots of fun with it. Still shoots very well.
  9. Pumpkinheaver

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    I like my Marlin 1895G guide gun in 45-70 cal. It's not a superfast belted magnum but within 200 yards it gets the job done.
  10. M1rifleman

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    mine has to be my Yugo M48A Mauser because its the first rifle I "bought"(im underage so i paid for it but its under my dads name)
  11. Remington 7400 in 280 Rem cal with Zeiss 3.5x10x44 with see-thru mounts
  12. Armorer

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  13. TERRY8mm

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    My Marlin 336r.c.
    picked it up for almost nothing because it looked so rough.
    It shoots 1" at a 100 yds, if I do my part.
    It's killed elk, deer, ground hogs and wild boar, always with one shot kills.
    Living proof that if you match your load to the game and take time to learn the loads tragectory, it does not take a cannon to harvest large game cleanly.
  14. dave375hh

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    My favorite is a Belgan Browning Safari built on the FN magnum mauser action. Shoots 3/4" when the owner is up to it. OH, yeah it's a .375 H&H.

    Dave "375"
  15. tonto

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    :target: Whew a hard one, I love em all. But the one i would have to say that has taken more game at long range effectively without fail rain, snow, or shine, 250-300 yards -drop em in their tracks dead is the gun i of course gave away to my Dad- 7400 remington in .270, with an old bushnell scope found on sale off the rack at walmart - unbelievable considering all the whoopla of wonderful rifles and scopes costing thousands but what a stinger.
    I gave the gun to Dad and bought another .270 in a bolt action(southpaw) m77 mkII, in hopes it would be even better. it's accurate and pretty pleasing to the eye, but it'll have to fill some pretty big shoes to find a place in my heart this season., my m38 swedish mauser stole my heart the moment I shot the first round through it, but i had already bought the ruger so it'll have to do, for now.
  16. Eddie L.

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    Outside of the availability of ammo in a combat situation, I would choose my Browning semi with boss and muzzle brake in 7 Rem Mag. Otherwise it would be my M-1 or M-1 A for dependability and availability of ammo.
  17. Logansdad

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    Bushmaster AR-15 carbine. Free float fore end, Titanium firing pin. Various chrome plated internals.
  18. Mike southers

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    My Ruger #1 in .260 Rem.
  20. tonto

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    I like anything in .270

    But... last year i hunted with my uncle's .260 browning lightweight medallion- what a nice sweet little rifle, accurate, crisp clean trigger and it just fit. For whitetail it is a nice round that never really took off on the market.
    I love my ruger 270, but my old 6.5x55 swede is an awesome rifle, that shoots anything put into it equally well.
    I like the short action bolts like the .308, but after toting that .260 allday i did appreciate it, get one.