FCC ruling on Chinese radio manufacture

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    tnmedic: Sir; interesting @ many levels. requires a read

    • Full Title: Protecting Against National Security Threats to the Communications Supply Chain Through FCC Programs – Huawei Designation
    • Document Type(s): Order
    • Bureau(s): Wireline Competition, Public Safety and Homeland Security

    The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau hereby issues the final designation of Huawei, as well as its parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries, as a covered company for purposes of 47 CFR § 54.9

    • DA/FCC #: DA-20-690
    • Docket/RM: 19-35

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    News Release - FCC Designates Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threats


    47 CFR § 54.9 - Prohibition on use of funds.
    • CFR
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    § 54.9 Prohibition on use of funds.
    (a) USF support restriction No universal service support may be used to purchase, obtain, maintain, improve, modify, or otherwise support any equipment or services produced or provided by any company posing a national security threat to the integrity of communications networks or the communications supply chain.
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