Fear of Flying?? CBS 4 report on another drunken pilot

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    Ok people one more fliping time IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS dont become a piolot. First we had to worry about hijackers now we got to lock the cockpit doors to keep the piolots away from the drink carts....

    News partner CBS 4
    Posted July 11, 2002, 6:35 AM EDT

    CBS 4 report on another drunken pilot
    Jul 11, 2002 (RealVideo)
    An AeroMexico pilot has been fired after being caught drunk while getting ready to fly a passenger flight out of Miami.

    CBS 4 reported that the pilot was stopped about two months ago when screeners at Miami International Airport noticed alcohol on his breath.

    Miami-Dade police were called and, after the pilot agreed, he was given a sobriety test. He failed and was not allowed on the plane, but he was not arrested because he had not entered the plane.

    An AeroMexico spokesman said the pilot, who lives in Mexico, was fired after the airline learned of the incident.

    "our main priority is the safety of our passengers and we have a zero tolerance policy (relating to alcohol abuse) ... and that's why he was fired immediately," the spokesman said.

    Earlier this month, two America West pilots who allegedly had been drinking were arrested after they tried to take command of their scheduled flight at Miami International with 120 passengers aboard. :p