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federal matchking in 308 for deer

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Gold medal Match King for Deer???
I got a great deal on some Federal goldmedal Matchking in .308 for my lil brother in 175 grain Sierra hollow point, boat tail. The round is a very accurate and consistent round for factory ammo, my lil brother really wants to try it on deer I say the bullet will explode in the deer as the copper outer is most likely thinner than hunting rounds and not bonded or beefed up on the lower 2/3 of bullet. Yes i told him it will kill the animal but maybe it's not a good choice, any info guys ??
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I have found that the best 308 round for white tail is a 150 gr. soft point or in a hand gun( striker or contender) a 135 gr. soft point. the 175 hollow point will get the job done, but your going to waste meat with the fragmentation and loss of wieght will decress knok down.
these are better for varmint and target loads, but will do the job with a quickness in a head shot.
I agree with colt 45, the 150 soft points are the way to go.But last deer season I went to the deer lease and realized I had left my hunting ammo at the house(DUH) All I had for my AR10 was some168 Fed.Sierra BTHPs Shot a 6 pt from 150 yds in the vital area, knocked him down,then he ran about 25 yds & went down. When we dressed him out bullet had done it's job. Went all the way through after expansion though but no sign of fragmentation.. Couldn't really tell because we didn't have the bullet itself./ Just my .02 cts worth
You probably didn't find fragements because that bullet is not designed to expand and generate fragments. In would ballistics studies of it's use on people (by police and military snipers) it does not expand, usually it goes straight through and occasionally it tumbles and breaks into large fragments upon hitting bone. Match bullets are built for maximum accuracy, not for terminal effectiveness. Given that it is not designed to expand, it's probably not legal to hunt with in most areas.
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