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FedEx Lady Came Today.....

Discussion in '1903' started by rustler, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. rustler

    rustler G&G Newbie

    March 12 to April 10 for my '03 to arrive. That's pretty good service from the CMP, busy as they have been. As soon as I cut down the stock, drill and tap the receiver, and cut down the, maybe I won't do that.
    Anyway, it's a Rock Island Arsenal, ser. number 334,xxx with a C stock. Has a barrel marked SA 6-27, with a TE of 3.0 and a good muzzle. Stock has a an arsenal repair on right of trigger guard, and shows signs of heavy use but every ding is the signature of some historic event. I wonder if this is a second rebuild because of the barrel. I don't have a book to tell me the date of the serial number, or if the SA barrel was one put on new. It's really nasty with cosmoline, but that's the kind of job I look forward to, although, my wife wasn't too thrilled about me wanting to set it down to admire it on th dining room table.
    I couldn't be happier with a new truck.
  2. There's a pretty good chance your SA barrel may be original to the receiver. Spare RIA receivers sent to Springfield Armory, where they were mated to SA barrels in the late 20s. Of course, no way to know for sure.

  3. rustler

    rustler G&G Newbie

    I appreciate that, because I don't yet have any 1903 reference books except the govt handbook.
    Once I got the cosmoline off the barrel and action I found it is black parkerized and looks new. There is not a scratch anywhere on the metal surfaces so they did a good job on the rebuild. Thebottom of the plate on the trigger guard has a B on it, and the rear barrel band has a u on the side. Well, there is a scratch-looks like someone tried to write on the top of the bolt handle with an electric pencil?
    A few questions if anyone knows.
    When would the black parkerizing have been done? It reminds me of the color of WRA WWII Garand parts.
    Birchwood Casey bore scrubber took care of the metal parts, but the stock and handguard are saturated with cosmoline to where they almost feel like they may have lost some of the hardwood solidness. Almost soft. I started to put some waterless hand cleaner on them, but thought I'd ask and see if someone could tell me a less destructive, better way to do it.
    I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  4. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    A fellow Tally-towner!

    High, Rustler. Do you plan on taking the new '03 to the local range (in the Nat'l Forrest, south-west of town)? I' m there every Saturday, weather permitting.
    I've been collecting milsurps for awhile, but haven't sprung for an '03 yet.
    If you get there, I'm the big guy on the right, 6'4" and 300lbs of Florida shooter.

  5. I can answer the rear barrel band question - your lower band has a parallel groove in it, right? The 'u' stands for UP - the side with the U should be pointed towards the barrel.

    It's a practice with barrel bands going back to Trapdoor Springfields.