Feds can't sue Arizona

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    The 11th Amendment of the Constitution states...The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

    With that in mind, why is the federal government doing something they know they can't do? It is unconstitutional, and this administration thinks it can circumvent the laws of our country for their own purposes. When will someone with balls, step up and stand up for this country?
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    because the government nowa days thinks they can do whatever they want.. its ridiculous and its leading down the road of revolution, and quite personally i cant wait til we have darastic changes in the government they meddle in far to many things they have no business in, im the youth of this nation at 22 and i will not live in a country like this, and im willing to fight to get it back if i have to

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    They don't go by the Constitution (haven't read it yet! see the pattern?)
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    The Mexican government has thrust itself into the legal battle against Arizona's controversial immigration law, joining U.S. advocacy groups in federal court to argue that the measure is unconstitutional and violates the basic rights of Mexican citizens.

    this is the big bunch of bull mexican citizens don't have the right to break our laws maybe we can get a class action suit going against mexico's law saying only citizens can own land
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    A Foreign Nation (Mexico) is prohibited by The 11th Amendment of the United States Constitution from suing any State in the United States. Tell Mexico to butt out and run their own Country. We don't need their help to run the United States, regardless of what Obama thinks.
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    its because politicians don't read and understand the Constitution, put in by voters that don't read and understand the Constitution, and an msm that don't read and understand the Constitution. agendas are driven by people that don't read and understand the Constitution.
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    I don't really read the legal language, but to a Joe like me, the 11th Amendment looks like it forbids at least Mexico from taking legal action against a state, though the wording makes me feel that the Feds can take action against a state.
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    After reading it a number of times, that's the way it appears to me.

    Mexico isn't sueing, they're only submitting a brief. Still a hypocritical stunt on thier part.
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    What is "interesting" to me is why are Mexican citizens concerned about American rights? American rights, as we have stated in our Bill of Rights, are specified for American citizens and LEGAL immigrants. NOT illegal immigrants.

  11. Obviously because they know it directly affects Mexicans and their illegal immigration into the U.S..
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    Arizona asked for 3000 armed military to help guard the border and got fifteen signs,in english,pointing north saying the traveling south of there is dangerious, instead of spanish signs pointing south saying stay the hell out of our state.get the picture?:zx11pissed:
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