Feds Convict Texan for Selling a Gun to Illegal Alien

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  1. big shrek

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    Nope, it's what we've been saying for quite some time.

    If someone does not speak English well, you shouldn't sell them a gun.
    If they can't speak English like a native, you SHOULD ask them for a Green Card...ANY citizen can :)
    If they cannot produce a Green Card, even if they HAVE a Texas License...DON'T SELL THEM A GUN!! Or booze, for that matter.

    And if they speak Ebonics, don't sell 'em a gun either. Gang-bangers don't need guns either.

    Kinda funny, they're giving Joe Arpaio heck about enforcing against illegal aliens,
    yet they're failing to deport KNOWN illegal aliens who try to buy/have bought guns!!

    That being said, some good citizens should remove the Huerta's from the country...we need some Reverse Coyotes.
    Using Catapults to shoot them back over the border...
    And NO, I don't care if they land in Cactus...as long as they land in Mexico.

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  2. killsnapz

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    So the AFT is giving American citizens the go ahead to use racial profiling if it pertains to a gun sale? There is no other logical conclusion to be drawn from this judgement. Either the judges ruling is unconstitutional or they are empowering all U.S. citizens to use racial profling in our buisness dealings. Which is it? I want to know!
  3. shop tom

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    I sent the info on this to Bill O'Reilly. It would make a good example Pinheads, both the judge and the prosecutor.

    I used a different source than infowars. I'm not a fan of ******* Jones.

  4. .22guy

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    Man, that is just wrong.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    The bottom line is they can't have it both ways !! Either one or the other, there is a right and a wrong here.
  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    No matter how you slice it, this stinks. It sure sounds like entrapment to me. I mean, any time I've ever bought a gun, in a store, on line or by private party sale, the seller has asked to see my driver's license in addition to my C&R or my pistol permit. The idea seems to be that while someone might fake the other two, no one will fake a driver's license. Either that, or it's so hard to make a good fake driver's license that will stand up to examination, it's got to be the best thing for identification purposes.

    So this Hispanic wetback somehow got himself a VALID Texas driver's license. He uses it to buy a pistol from a collector who, like many of us, buys, swaps and trades to get guns he wants for his collection. The collector examines the valid driver's license but does not ask the illegal to prove he is either a resident alien or a US citizen. He figures the guy is a citizen whose English isn't muy bueno, and makes the sale. (Hey, my paternal grandfather lived in the United States for more than sixty years. He was a naturalized citizen, but his English was both broken and heavily accented. Would someone today have refused to sell him a gun?)

    So then the ATF finds out about it and the town clowns in Austin bust the collector - for selling a wetback a gun! But if he had refused to make the sale because he thought his Hispanic buyer was an illegal alien, the wetback could have complained to the cops that he was being discriminated against, that the seller was engaging in racial profiling, and the cops would have busted him for that!

    This is a long way beyond outrageous. We all need to pick up the phones and fire up our computers and complain about this case to our Congresscritters. The government can't have it both ways. Either it's okay to racially profile and demand proof of citizenship or legal residence for private citizens, companies, cops and the Feds - or it's not legal for anyone to do it. Either way, our fellow citizen has been screwed by the government and deserves redress for the crime committed against him.

    Do NOT sit idly by and let the Texans get away with railroading an honest citizen - and don't let the anti-gunners use this incident as grounds to try and stop private party sales at gun shows and elsewhere! For if we don't raise hell here, that is just what those bastards will do!
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    could this thread be merged with the one in the political forum (or vice versa) since they both pertain to the same news story?

    Oh, and for the record it is ridiculous that the seller should be in any trouble if the buyer has state issued ID when he is an illegal alien.
  8. big shrek

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    Actually, any private citizen can refuse to sell to any other for ANY reason, including racial motivatations.

    "Any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual or information that leads the police to a particular individual who has been identified as being, or having been, engaged in criminal activity." US-DOJ

    It ain't illegal for a Private citizen to profile.

    Now, suppose you are working at a gun show for a Gun Store...you may, at your discretion Refuse to sell to ANYONE.
    However, you had best think up a good reason...like
    "I believed that it was a Straw Purchase, and refused to sell due to the information presented".
    Or..."The individual looked intoxicated, I smelled the odor of what I thought to be Marijuana and I did not feel comfortable selling to him/her".
    This will keep lawyers & BATF investigators off your back as well.
    They may depose you, but after you say the potential customers were stoned to high heaven and you weren't going to sell a gun to an intoxicated individual, they can do NOTHING. It won't even go to court. And on the long chance that it DID, there ain't a jury around that would bug you.

    Well, except maybe in Kalifornia...they've smoked so much dope there that everyone's dopey ;)
  9. Never_Evil

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    California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas are in the worst position on this fight of immigration and gun "control." If someone hands me a valid, 100% REAL driver's license identification card, then there is no reason to probe further into anyone's privacy. The only way to get a valid driver's license is to be a United States citizen, the other way is to have fake documents or someone on the inside giving them away.

    If this guy sold his gun to a person with valid paperwork, then that person sold it to a person that can not legally have one, the middle man should be the one charged with the crime.