Feed issue with my M1911

Discussion in 'Swiss Rifles' started by Buddymack, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I took my M1911 out for a spin this weekend, it shoots nice except one annoying thing it doesn't cycle smoothly, every time I would cycle the round the round kinda catches a little and I have to rock the bolt a little to get the round in battery to chamber.
    Not sure if anyone else has one of these or not, but I would like some input on how to smooth this out so it cycles like my K31's.
    any thoughts?
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    BuddyMack is referring to a M1911 Swiss rifle I think, not a 1911 pistol.

  3. Yeah I have two M1911 sporters, one in 308 win and the other is 7.5x55 swiss, I was feeding it GP11 surplus .
    I was thinking due to age to suspect the mag spring, not an easy find I am sure, but you never know out there, that is were I wish it was a M1911 45 ACP mag springs and just about anything I could think of is in the after market.
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    Buddy, I do have a K11 magazine if that is something that would be of any use to you. The 'Budda'd K11' that I have is something other than a K11 as I found out when I ordered and received the K11 magazine that is completely different than what is on this other rifle. Haven't had time to get into researching what its origins might really be.

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    Victim of the recent discussions ribbon ! I just deleted the post since it was not relivent .
  6. No worries! you at least tried to help me out with the problem, I just wish I had a safe dry place to test this.
    Guess I will have some dummies made from my GP11 brass.