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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by flinch, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. flinch

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    I have purchased a feg hi power and am pleased with it.
    Fit and finish are quality. A nice shine to the deep blue with no rough spots outside. It has the classic lines and I think is a most attractive gun.
    Stainless steel barrel- easy to clean.
    Shoots great, accurate for me with 1 inch groups at 12 yards if I do my part.
    Light recoil and no problems with 350 rounds. Eats hollow point s with no feeding, extraction, ejection problems.
    3 dot sights work well.
    Takes the CDNN hicaps.

    It is a little rough on the inside but nothing to complain about. I removed the mag. safety and the gritty 8 lb. trigger has become a safe 4 lbs. with no take up or creap or grit. Breaks like glass.
    The gun safety is rough feeling and has no audible assurance it is on but will click when taken off. It works.
    Grips are black plastic but cause no problem and look business like.
    I paid $250. with one hicap mag and had the gunsmith take out the mag safety as condition of the sale.
    I plan to shoot it as much as possible and I think after 500 problem free rounds I will learn to trust it.
    I will keep you posted.
  2. Mon Bathan

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    I think I have the same model with you FP9M. I have been using my piece for more than a year and had no problem with it up to now. I have shot more than 1K rounds of mixed ammo and still it works great.

    Happy and safe shooting!!


  3. flinch

    flinch G&G Newbie

    Just a follow up at 500 rounds. Two failure to ejectsbefore round 300 which could be reloads or the cheap mystery mag I am using, other than that It just rolls along. More accurate than I am and just normal blue wear on the rails and on the usual spots.
  4. dogngun

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    FEG owner

    Recently bought an FEG HiPower, and several FEG 14 round magazines. The grip safety was removed, and the white dots on the sights darkened with cold bluing. First time I fired this pistol, it put 11 rounds into one big hole, other 2 in the 10 ring (My fault). Have not had a failure to feed or eject at all using several types of ball and 2 types/weights of JHP's.
    I really like this pistol, and would like to know how your "well used " ones are holding up. Also, any thoughts on recoil buffers?

  5. FEG

    FEG Guest

    I am no expert, but recoil buffers are really more for semi-auto rifles. For example, an AKM clone has a stamped receiver. The bolt carrier is whipping back under the recoil impulse of a rifle cartridge. 7.62x39 isn't the biggest rifle cartridge out there by a long shot, but it's still MUCH higher in pressure than a typical handgun cartridge. I use a recoil buffer in my SAR-1.

    What I do recommend is going to a stronger recoil spring. Virtually every Eastern European handgun that I have ever owned, shot, or handled was "undersprung." For example, I used to think that the stock springs on the FEG PA-63 were old and worn out (some of these are surplus guns, some are new-production). I have since discovered that they are not as strong as the specifications call for in the first place. In my experience, most CZs, Radoms, FEGs, etc. leave the factory with understrength springs.

    I was ordering some things from Wolff Gunsprings a few weeks ago. I finally just flat-out asked the owner, Dave Wolff, if he had observed this as well. His answer was that the gunsprings of the former Warsaw Pact manufacturers were about 1-2 lbs. understrength as a group. Some individual models are even worse. I realize that he is in the business of selling gunsprings, but I noticed it and brought it up first.

    I would think that you want the 17 lb. spring for the Browning Hi-Power, but I would call and talk to their technical staff. The number is 1-800-545-0077. If this sounds like an advertisement, I apologize, but I am trying to pass on something that I learned the hard way.
  6. dogngun

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    Thanks, FEG. I had an old CZ that needed to get "re sprung" and worked fine after. I keep hearing about Wolf springs from different sites, so I will look into them.

    There is a product for HiPowers that replaces the recoil spring guide rod that many people who use +p ammo swear by. I'm wondering if this is useful on a pistol to be used with standard velocity ammo only.