FEG in .45ACP...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tiw, Jun 25, 2002.

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    Anybody have any experience with these?
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    FEG GKK .45 ACP

    I have owned one for about a year. REALLY accurate, as in can hit a gong 8 times (1 mag) at @75-80 yds. with standard handloads (i.e. 5.0 Unique, 230 gr LRN).

    These are not 1911 clones in any way, shape, or form, so you will be very disappointed if that is what you want. The design looks like a cross between a S&W 59 and a Browning P-35. The op sys is like the Smith's (no bushing system, just a recoil guide).

    These are probably the highest quality FEG pistols (along with the Hi-Power clones and such). I bought mine used for $185, and I will need to replace a worn mag catch pretty soon. I like mine a lot, but I don't shoot it much now that I have a CZ 97B in .45. The GKK is not as comfortable as either a 1911 or the CZ, but it is smaller than many 9mms, since it is single-stack.

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    Thanks for the input on these, I've wondered also about them. How about the CZ-97B?

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    GKK 45 from FEG (aka ACK 45)

    You're the FIRST person on a FEG forum inquiry who HASN'T mentioned their tendency to throw the front sight.

    It's not staked, or pegged, it's CLIPPED!

    NOTHING held mine in except silver solder...it threw it three times before I found a gunsmith who would do the job and not harm the finish.

    It's surprising in it's accuracy...I plan to install some adjustable rear sights asap now that I know it's gona hold onto the sight

    My importer in Fl stood behind me and provided very good service with 1 week turnaround. I'll buy my next pistol from him too!

    Probably a "ballerina molester" or Systema

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    Mag Catch Is Only Problem

    I have had many problems with the now highly worn mag catch, but I have never had any problems at all with my front sight. I have never really pushed this pistol in terms of high pressure/velocity loads, since I shoot other .45s for that purpose. I have put about 1,000 rounds through the pistol. I have a full-size model marked GKK; it is an older import with slightly different grips than the newer imports.
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    FEG 45 ACK Manual

    Looking for manual for FEG ACK 45.
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    They were sort of like a Blued smith and wesson 645, except they generally shot better than the Smith, LOL....