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  1. jjbath

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    I was recently given a FEG P9RK.
    It looks pretty similiar to the Browning HP.
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a manual?
    And also if I can use HP parts in the FEG?

    Is there any way I can tell what year it was manufactured?

  2. Kyrie

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    Hi Jjbath,

    For a manual, try KBI at 717-540-8518. While the P9RK looks somewhat like a Browning High-Power, internally it’s nothing like a Browning - there is no parts interchangeability.

    Hope this helps some.

    Best regards,


  3. jjbath

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    Thanks for the Info.
    I was told the Clips from the HP would fit the P9RK and was hoping that other parts would as well.

    It would be nice if KBI's website actually mentioned FEG.

    Thanks again,
  4. MSW

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    I have a P9RK and a pjk 9hp. The hi-power mag will not work in the P9RK. The slide will not lock when the mag is empty. If you go to e-bay and type in FEG in the search, there's some 10 rd mags up for bid. CDNN sell P9, P9R mags which will fit the P9RK. Look for the mags under K.B.I.

    I think you will enjoy this gun. It's well made, fun to shoot and easy to maintain. I bought mine well used and it's still going strong.

  5. jjbath

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    Thanks for the info.
    Mine too is well used.
    I've shot well over 1000 rds. since receiving the P9RK about
    1 month ago.
    So far it has been perfect with the exception of some cheap Winchester ammo I purchased. About every 10 or so rounds
    1 will not eject properly. So far I haven't had this problem with the
    more expensive ammo that I have purchased.

    Thanks again
  6. sergei

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    I've got a P9R, sights are missing... Anyone knows what sights would it accept (Hi-Power, PJK9, etc...) and where I could get the sights in the first place?
    As far as mags go, I've seen some on Cheaperthandirt.com, 14 and 30 rounders for about $20...
    Please let me know about the sights, pretty please!!!
  7. FEG

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    Look at the extraction groove on the Winchester USA "value pack" 9mm ammo, and compare it to virtually any other make/model. It is quite different, and MANY pistols do not like it much. I have been lucky so far; my pistols have no problems with it. I don't have a very high regard for this ammo: low velocity and inconsistent. OTOH, I reload, and I am always happy when I find mountains of this brass at the range.
  8. sergei

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    P9R sights

    OK, it turns out that a weapon called Kossnar MBK is really mostly the same thing as the FEG P9R... and Gun Parts Corporation carries parts for the MBK, which are supposed to fit into the P9R. I ordered the sights, and the rear leaf sight fit in decent after some filing, but what a tiny piece of rusted metal that they sent me in a descise of a front sight will not go on the slid at all. However, instead of sending it back, I'll give it to mu jewler, I'm sure he can alter it to fit, as well as polish the rust off, and I'll just paint the **** thing, that's how tired I am of all this. Note to self: only buy guns that have parts readily available on the market, and don't buy any weired **** such as the **** P9R.
    P.S. it works, but it is really NOT an outstanding gun...