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    bought an FEG PA-63 9x18 from a friend who never even shot it. oh well ,it aint no makrov but what the hell , was only $100 bucks. first thing I'm gonna do is order a 15lb recoil spring then I'm gonna file down the grooves on the trigger. just one more toy I got cause I didn't need it, lol
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    no pics...didn't happen.



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    Ain't nothing wrong with those FEG's:) I bought a third one a couple wks ago at the last closest gun show, along with an I.O. Hellcat. FEG's will hit the target even if you intentionally try to miss just to spite you:)
    The only thing I don't like about them is the crappy plastic grips -mainly, that thumb or whatever thing on the left. Can't stand it. Been looking for wood grips minus the hump for a long time, and can't find anything yet that isn't outragiously priced. Any help? TOP
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    Check out www.marshalgrips.com , they make some very nice grips , I think they run about $50.00 to $60.00 plus shipping. I like the Zebra wood extended with palm swell. jrh55
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    Oh, shut up. That's a spectacular buy and you have to know it. It shoots really well once you tune it up. I recommend using Simichrome on the slide and the grooves, too.
  6. srt 10 jimbo

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    If I did not think it was a pretty good buy, I wouldn't have bought it.

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    Thanks:0 I'll ck it out. --TOP
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    Wolff has a complete spring kit for the PA-63. Maybe someday I'll get around to putting all of them in! Think I only did the recoil spring, I'm lazy.
  10. Great little gun. I LOVE mine. Polished up the frame, Stainless barrel, springs, and half a dozen mags for it. Shoots like a dream. Working on getting some grips for it sometime soon.

    - Justin
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    For your pleasure:



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    I found some grips that will do, and were cheap. Ck out Vintage Gun Grips. I forget what I pd but it was next to nothing. They are universal, and plastic (not that shiney black plastic) and minus that thumb bump. Good enough for me. Had to do a little sanding here and there to make them fit, but once done, look like they were meant to be. Awesome:) --TOP
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    I use mine for CCW. Hornady makes Critical Defense ammo in 9x18 now. Even at $200 it is a good deal.
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    I saw mine last night - couldn't take it home because of a delay in the state check. Its in beautiful condition and is basically new. I have one problem, but after reading this thread I think I know what to do - the double-action trigger pull is BRUTAL! I estimate 35#-40#, and I'm not kidding. I'll rig up a luggage scale to measure it with.
    Did you know that FEG experienced excessive frame wear with the early ones but corrected that by adding Titanium to the alloy?
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    Welcome to the club. I think everyone has one. They are turning into LCPs.
    Lol. Hungarians know how to make cheap, yet reliable pistols.
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    Just got the green light and I'm picking it up tonight. I also picked up a couple of extra mags on GB - these are going for $25-$30 each. Now for some ammo...
  17. 1saxman

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    This one came with two mags, and fortunately one was the Parkerized original, numbered to the pistol. The other is blued and I picked up two more blued ones (all have the aluminum base plate) so I'm set for mags. I also got a 'Barsony' leather holster on ebay that fits well. It's a right-hand 'pancake', forward-cant with belt slides and thumb-break snap. I haven't taken a picture of it yet - this is the auction picture, and the wood grip blanks were not mentioned or included. That's okay, because if I wanted any grips they would be Marschals anyway. BTW, that is the original serial-numbered FEG box, and I've already fixed the corner.

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    Picked up a box of Fiocchi 'Pistol Shooting Dynamics' ammo today at the LGS. This is beautiful FMJ ammo and is spec'd out a little faster and harder-hitting than normal. Its about $17-$20 a box/50 depending on who you get it from. I also ordered 200 rounds of Silver Bear JHP at about $13 box/50. I won't be shooting this a lot. Basically to check the aiming and function with carry ammo, and maybe one or two magazines a year, so 250 rounds is plenty for now.