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Discussion in 'AK47' started by animalspooker, May 17, 2018.

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    We haven't had an AK thread in a while and I must say I miss them. So here I go.

    Which AK, that you could afford (if prices haven't changed despite the end of the world arriving next Thursday) would you buy right now if your life were to depend on this rifle going bang every time.

    For example: if I were to hand you a CAI WASR 10, would you reach deeper in your wallet and say to me, "I'm gonna have to have something a little more dependable?"

    I personally am slowly converting from ARs to AKs, and my knowledge is very limited thus far. Therefore, I'm going to say a Norinco MAK90. I don't own one, but know a little about them and would like to own one. Historically very dependable. Something like this probably.
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  2. I love the AK platform, there are some really good rifles in several different chamberings. I have a WASR-2 in 5.45x39, a Hungarian SA-85M Pre-Ban in 7.62x39, a Saiga in 7.62X51, a Romanian PSL-54C in 7.62X54R and a Saiga .410...

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    I have NEVER had a misfire or jam with a WASR10 using Wolf ammo. I'd trust it with my life.
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    That is what I'm looking for! "Never in my life!" Again my knowledge is limited, but are there different brands of WASR10s?
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    Sorry, I thought this topic was about Alaska.
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  6. I love my NHM -91. Never had any problem with it.
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    I have owned and shot both the WASR10 and the WASR10/63. I bought the WASR10/63 first, and really liked it. In my silly notion to reduce caliber varieties in my collection, I sold it. Later, I missed it so much, I bought one of the CAI WASR10, when they were on sale right after the 2016 Election.
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    What's up with the meltdown picture?
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    I wouldn't hesitate to take my Hungarian underfolder in a rough situation. 23231545_10214720302310577_6415558730295642937_n.jpg
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    Too much info on that wikipedia page. You guys forget how simple I am!
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    if you shoot it enough you will lol. :p

    I have a WASR10 (converted back to take normal mags).

    Ive had ammo failures from Wolf ammo, blown primer, stuck casing and a squib load. If you shoot any type of mass produced ammo eventually you will have some. Ive only had a number I can count on less than a hand with but they happened none the less.

    The gun itself has been pretty reliable. If I have had any problems with it, it was from old worn out magazines. (I have a lot of old milsurp steel mags) where some of the followers/springs/feed lips are just worn down and old. I am slowly replacing them with the newer Magpul AKM mags but I have a lot of them so not really worried.

    AK's will also get dirty and experience malfunctions. If you have ever been to an AK platform shooting class or any general carbine class where there are a lot of AK's people will get malfunctions over the course of the few days and thousands of rounds fired. In general AK's are not quite as infallible as some would think and AR15s are far more reliable than others might think. If there was a bell curve of reliability with the stereotype of AR15s and AKMs at opposite ends of the chart, in reality both would be moved somewhere closer inwards on the chart from the ends.

    If you want to get a Century WASR10.... if you are able to, I would highly recommend you get to look at it first... their quality control is still to this day despite what they have said... iffy.

    If you get one that is put together straight it still might be a little loosey goosey with the parts fitting and the actual parts might look like crap (like the receiver) but it will work and it will work reliably.

    The sheer fact that many people who sell them (online dealers) typically have an option to make you pay extra for a "hand inspected" sample should tell you right there about CAI's build quality control. :rolleyes:

    So I have the one CAI Romanian WASR10... its fit and finish is crap but it was assembled straight... there is some slop in the magwell when it was converted back but nothing that makes the gun unreliable... although some of the thinner older steel surplus mags flop around more so than others.... but they still work right.

    I can compare that to my one Russian Iszmesh AK74 (<---got mine before Obama banned their importation) and my Bulgarian SLR 107UR (5.45 "Krinkov" SBR)....

    the build quality and fit and finish on both those two are phenomenal and they both run great. I use the circle 10 mags for those.

    They also both cost about double or slightly more than current WASR10 prices... When I got my WASR10... it cost me $450... today they go for like $680-750+ commonly.

    In conclusion... if you are on a budget... a WASR10 with the big caveat that you get a good one that was put together properly... may not look pretty but it will serve you well.

    In the very least if you plan on really getting into AK's... the WASR10 is a great "starter AK" to dip your feet into to learn/train on. You can beat on it, learn on it and swap parts on it and experiment with different things before dumping money into more expensive ones.
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    Thank you tacav, for taking the time!
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