Fer you Navy folks.

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    I've been tryin to learn the banjo, and I came across this. Enjoy.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G_dgkd6hO4]YouTube - Bluegrass Banjo "Rocks" Navy Choir![/ame]
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    That's certainly something different. The Navy's not known for doing unusual things with music, but they do have a sense of humor about it sometimes.

    I heard this story in Norfolk, when my ship passed through loading cargo for a foreign voyage.

    One of the Navy's carriers had been on an extended deployment because of trouble in the Persian Gulf over and above what usually goes on there. The Navy had finally allowed it to come home when things calmed down for a refit and to start working up their new air group before deploying again. Most of the crew was sent home on 30 days' leave.

    They'd been back for about 10 days when things in the Middle East flared up again. The Navy recalled the crew of the carrier and started throwing supplies aboard any old how, on the theory that once the ship put back to sea, they could straighten everything out and stow it correctly. The objective was to get her back to sea NOW.

    As you might guess, the families, the crew, the officers and the Old Man weren't exactly happy with this turn of events, but they reported back aboard and got her ready to sail. In an attempt to make the sailing as memorable as possible, the Navy Band was ordered to "play her out" when she sailed, which they did as the lines were taken in and she got underway. But the Captain had the last word.

    The Navy Band finished their last number, and as the carrier backed out of her berth there was silence. Then, over the 1MC, cranked to maximum volume, came the inimitable voice of Willy Nelson:

    "On the road again,
    Lord, I can't wait to get on the road again..."

    And the sailors manning the side started to cheer as the admirals on the dock frowned and shook their heads. The Old Man had just said it all for his officers and crew.