Feral Hog & Coyote Eradication

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  1. Hi folks I am Black Rifle and I am a Professional Hog & Coyote eradicator in the State of South Carolina . I hunt down and Destroy Feral Hogs & Coyotes that are destroying Domestic animals and crops as well our forests Feral Hogs with their rooting they bring destruction to Property, Crops & Wildlife and habitats. I have removed Feral Hogs and Coyotes from Airports, Golf Courses, Housing Developments, Farms, U.S. Government, State, County, Private Property, and Horse Farms. Where they have done millions in property damage in the past two years I have donated 1,700 pounds of processed pork meat to the needy people of my community. 20200801_104020.jpg 20200731_095555.jpg

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  2. BigEd63

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    I really wish the state of Arkansas would allow this.

    I need to check but last I heard they were doing trapping only.

    And no individuals or private contractors to hunt on public lands. As not to interfere with their sainted trapping program.:rolleyes:

    I'd think it'd be a good idea to do both based on the area.
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  3. rando

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    Man that one is a very big porker! Do you strictly do day or night hunting for the yotes and pigs?
  4. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    looks like a fun job.
  5. mauser9

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    Awesome! Sounds fun. Shootin and gettin paid for it. I could live with that. Thanks for the pics. My Black Russian had big choppers but I had to pay for the privilege.
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  6. runfiverun

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    I got nuthin to do all day, and i'll provide my own ammo.
    sign me up.
  7. Txhillbilly

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    At times we get up to 100 pigs tearing up the hay pastures at the ranch. Being right on the Red River,the feral hog highway as we call it,we always have traveling sounders coming and going.
    Hunting them only gets you a couple at a time,Trapping only works when the hogs haven't been around traps before.
    We resorted to using tannerite to eradicate large groups of them. I buy the components in 100 lb bulk,and set off 7 lb charges-a large Folgers plastic jug. We will set up a food plot for several days,then when we have the hogs coming in regular we set up the jug.
    The most that we've killed in one shot was 23 hogs.
    A couple ranches near us has resorted to using Helicopter's to eradicate them. It looks fun,but it's also very expensive,around $1500 an hour.
  8. Jaison

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    So far, Virginia has been successful in keeping the hogs controlled. It would be tough to get rid of them if they ever got established in the mountains.

    Sure wish you all the best dealing with those eco disasters.
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  9. Txhillbilly

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    They are truly one of the smartest and toughest pest animal to try to control. I've seen a small group of 10-15 hogs completely destroy a pristine hay field in one night. They were across the road from our place,and the land owner doesn't allow any hunting on his place.
    The next day,he saw me out in the pasture working on a tractor,and drove over to hand me a written permission slip to kill every hog I see on his property. We killed 8 of them that night with our rifles/night vision scopes/and suppressors.
  10. BigEd63

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    Never killed any wild hogs...yet.

    Before they became a problem here I did cut their sign (tracks) a few times out in the National Forest when out looking for "Coyo-tes".
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  11. alleyyooper

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    Couple of my friends wanted to go some place during christmas break one year to hunt hogs.
    Fight away Texas was ruled out as soon as ranchers sent back cost sheets.
    They wanted 50.00 a day just to park their 5th wheel camper there for a week, 50 dollars a pig depending on sex and weight.

    They didn't want to spend that kind of money so gave the idea up till a couple years later and when to a different state.

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  12. Ron Eagle Elk

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    Black Rifle Reviews, when were you in the 82d? I was in the 1/325 in 68, then the 2/508 from 73 to 78.
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  13. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, It's funny that all the ranchers whine about the hog problems and then want to charge hunter's to help them get rid of them.
    One of the ranches that I serviced gas wells on had a huge hog problem. I talked to the rancher one day about bringing a couple friends out to shoot them. He said $50 a hog and I happily said, Oh, Your going to pay us $50 a hog to kill them!
    The look on his face was priceless.
  14. Get Out

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    Saw on the hunting channel of hog exterminators using a Boar Buster trap system. It's a circular trap set up suspended in the air on legs and bait is placed in the center, sensors alert that pigs are in the trap and the trap is sprung remotely. Pigs were dispatched, dragged out and the trap was reset for the next round.
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  15. Jim Rau

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    I am 'semi' professional, but I don't charge for my services and I have a list of folks who will take the meat!;) Here in Bama a private land owner can get a permit (no charge) from the state to eradicate hogs day or night over bait. We use traps too, but most hogs become 'trap shy' quickly. I have kill 125+ here. I bought the night vision binos and scope and it is a hoot!:D Hogs are territorial, in that they stay in a certain area and move with the food sources. So it is hit and miss. When we see sign we set out bait and game camera and 'make an appointment' with them. ;)
  16. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    down here the ranchers and grove owners all complain about the hogs but won't let you go on their property. they would rather pay someone to kill them.:confused: the land owners that do lease hunting rights charge exorbitant fees. $6-10,000. a year per a member!:eek: I have a small parcel of creek bottom land situated between cow pastures and orange groves. the hogs use the creek bottom as a highway and a place to hide during the day when the workers are in the grove. I used to be able to shoot a hog or three every time I go up there. lately the grove has hired trappers and I often hear dogs running at night. now I'm lucky if I can get a hog to eat. :(:mad:
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  18. It is considering the damage they do and the meat is processed and donated to the needy by a local ministry food bank.
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  19. I was in the 3/325 in 80-83, and 1985 -87, 1/504 89-91 retired from 1/504.
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  20. My bucket list is heli hog hunting !