Feral Kids, Gang Violence?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, Oct 2, 2002.

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  2. I used to live there!


    It really doesnt surprise me. There has been a constant and on going battle in the rougher neighborhoods of Milwaukee for years, and the police dept is loosing big time.

    Personally you aint heard nothing yet. wait till the DA, E Michael McCann gets hold of the case. They call him E Michael McPlea bargan. I'd bet few if any of the kids will be charged as adults, and I'd also bet most of them are convicted of varying lesser degrees of felony than they were areested for.

    Their neighborhood and our oppressive society is to blame, dontcha know.

    Personally, even the 10 year old should do HARD time! about 40 years apiece for the juviniles involved and 80 for the ones (if any) tried as adults.


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    That's a neat web site. Is it out of Wisconsin? I noticed that it talks about madison and Madison quite often in other stories posted on it.
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    The avenue to learn, see or even observe violence is everywhere nowadays, media, ads, movies, actual environment, etc. No wonder the world is getting tougher and more difficult to live in. A stronger bond within the family is deemed imperative nowadays.

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    The problem is that parents (and teachers) are not ALLOWED to discipline the kids anymore.

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    Were they black? Wheres the report on what "nationality they were? Just curious?
  7. Based on the area

    Howdy Joe,

    The victim was black. and I would reasonably believe the perps were based on the population demo of that area of town.It's a pretty rough section, present topic excluded.......
  8. Rock

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    Klaus, Now you dont want to discipline those poor misguided youths do you? It could stunt there creative and emotional growth, not to mention there self-esteem...We need to understand and help them with there problems only through understanding can we truly help...Its the shovels and bats that are the probleam, they should be outlawed! Think of the children!
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    BOO BOOOO Rock I'm 14 I wouldint do that for getting a egg through at me.Bunch of no brained idiots.:rolleyes: :confused:
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  10. To bad the victim wasn't packing more than just an egg.:assult:
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    If he had been packing, and shot one of the hoodlums, he'd be up for murder charges - bet on it! Soon the tearful moms will be describing these punks as "good boys", defending their friend.
    My two cents - once they began chasing the guy and still attacking him, it ain't defence - it's wanton murder. :mad:
  12. Big Dog I know--just wishful thinking on my part.
  13. Everyone pay your electric bills. I want that electric nice and toasty. Maybe to save money since their small they can sit on each other's laps at switch time.
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    saw the back of one on CNN, he's the same ethnicity as the victim, probably the rest of the perps too. which if the perps were not it would be blasted all over the place for weeks!!!
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    At least one bright spot - no need for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharptongue on this one. No "Hate Crime" involved, just some Boyz gettin' rowdy in da' Hood. Once the Psycho specialists give them some couseling, all will be well. Oh, and a few hundred grand of tax money pumped into the local activist's warchest. :rolleyes:

    :fuss: :mad: :fuss:
  16. NRAJOE

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    Yep, your right PAPA G! :mad: Would have been "hate crime time"!